MV Thomas Aquinas Ferry Collision with Cargo Ship

Last Friday MV Thomas Aquinas sank after it collided with cargo ship Sulpicio Express 7, off the central port of Cebu in Philippines, 1.2 miles (2km ) from the shore. The ferry was carrying approximately 715 passengers and 116 crew. Crrently at least 600 survivors have been rescued.

2013.08.20 - Philippines MV Thomas Aquinas Ferry Collision with Cargo Ship Figure 1

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Yacht Hit by Tanker Video

Collision Between General Cargo Ship and Chemical Tanker in Dover Strait TSS – Investigation Report

On 9 October 2001, the 1009 gt general cargo ship Ash was en route from Odense, Denmark, to the Spanish port of Pasajes, with a cargo of steel coils. She had six crew on board and was making a speed of about 6.25 knots over the ground in the south-west traffic lane of the Dover Strait TSS to the south-east of Hastings. The 4,671 gt chemical tanker Dutch Aquamarine was also on passage in the same traffic lane, en route from Antwerp to Swansea. She had a mixed chemical cargo and a crew of 12 on board. She was making about 12.5 knots over the ground. Despite the fact that the weather was fine and the visibility good the watchkeeper on Dutch Aquamarine did not notice Ash in the period immediately before the collision until she was very close and right ahead. Ash was holed in the collision, she listed quickly to starboard, capsized and sank. The six persons on board jumped into the water and five of them were rescued by Dutch Aquamarine’s fast rescue craft.

2013.07.15 - Collision Between General Cargo Ship & Chemical Tanker in Dover Strait TSS - Investigation Report Figure 1

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Tanker and Bulk Carrier Collide off Galveston

The Coast Guard is responding to a collision between two deep draft ships approximately 30 miles off the coast of Galveston today. There has been no report of injury or pollution from either vessel; however, both vessels are reporting damage but are in stable condition.

2013.05.31 - Tanker and Bulk Carrier Collide off Galveston Figure 1

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Containership Collision With Bridge – Investigation Report

On 20.00 on 2 June 2010, the Finnish dry cargo vessel NAJADEN and the car carrier PALMELA informed to the VMC-ZWN Traffic Control Centre in southwestern Holland controlling the Caland Bridge that they needed the bridge to be opened so that they could sail from the Brittanniehaven towards the Caland Canal. The PALMELA reported first, and after her the NAJADEN. The NAJADEN told that she wanted to use the same bridge opening as the PALMELA.

2013.05.20 - Containership Collision With Bridge Figure 1

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Cargo Ship Sinks after Colliding with Containership Southwest of Sapientza Island Greece

Cook islands flagged cargo ship Piri Reis, loaded with a cargo of fertilizer, sunk southwest of Sapientza Island in Greece (sea depth at the point of the accident is approximately 2.5 km) after colliding with Antigua & Barbuda flagged containership Consouth. The containership Consouth was not carrying cargo during the collision. The causes of the accident are still unknown.

2013.04.29 - Cargo Ship Sinks after Colliding with Containership Figure 1

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Fatal Bulk Carrier and Cargo Ship Collision – Investigation Report

At about 2251 local time on 17 March 2007, a Hong Kong general cargo ship collided with a Chinese registered bulk carrier. At the time of the accident, the weather conditions were fine with northerly wind at force 4. The sea was moderate and the visibility was about 7 nautical miles (n.m.). The Bulk Carrier sustained damages to the bow and the Cargo Ship sank shortly after the collision. Twelve crew members of the Cargo Ship were rescued. Eight crew members were found missing and nine crew members were drowned.

2013.04.08 - Fatal Bulk Carrier and Cargo Ship Collision Figure 1

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Bulk Carrier and Tanker Fatal Collision – Investigation Report

On the 18th August 2009 at 20:52LMT the Isle of Man registered bulk carrier “Ostende Max” and the Liberian registered oil tanker “Formosaproduct Brick” collided. The collision occurred in the Precautionary Area adjoining the Traffic Separation Schemes in the Malacca Straits to the south west of Port Dickson, Malaysia within Malaysian territorial waters. This case was extremely unfortunate involving a tragic loss of life. Nine crew members were killed with other crew members injured on the Formosaproduct Brick. Three crew members were injured on board the Ostende Max. Both vessels incurred significant fire and structural damage as a result of the collision.

2013.03.11 - Bulk Carrier and Tanker Fatal Collision  Figure 1

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Bulk Carrier and Cargo Ship Collide in the Straits of Singapore

A Vietnamese-registered cargo vessel damaged one of its hatches after it collided with another vessel in the waters off Singapore on Saturday. The Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) of Singapore said the collision occurred about 3.4 kilometres south of Sisters Islands.

2013.03.05 - Bulk Carrier & Cargo Ship Collide in the Straits of Singapore

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RoRo Cargo Ship Collision with Moored Bulk Carrier – Investigation Report

On 27 February 2010 the Finnish flagged vessel Global Carrier was on a routine voyage from Turku, Finland bound for Oxelösund, Sweden with a cargo of semitrailers and trucks. There was dense fog in the archipelago but pilot assistance was not considered because the Master was licensed to carry out piloting. The Master had previous experience of this fairway in similar visibility conditions. During a Global Carrier’s maneuver the vessel collided with the moored MV Ecostar G.O.

2013.01.07 - RoRo Cargo Ship Collision with Moored Bulk Carrier Figure 1

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