PSC Report for Q3 2015

The third quarter of 2015 the PSC MoU with the highest detention ratio (7.83%) was that of Mediterranean MoU, an increase which is mainly attributed to the increased detention ratio of general cargo ships. After the Mediterranean MoU, the Indian Ocean MoU was the second MoU with increased detention ratio (4.13%), followed by Paris MoU (3.61%) and Black Sea MoU (3.15%). In comparison to the previous quarter of the year the detention ratio of Tokyo MoU was decreased to 2.72%.

2015.10.26 - PSC Quarterly Report 2015 Q3 Figure 01

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PSC Report for Q2 2015

The second quarter of 2015 PSC inspections in Black Sea and Mediterranean PSC MoU were slightly decreased compared to the numbers of the first quarter. The same occurred for Paris PSC MoU, whereas for Tokyo PSC MoU the total number of PSC inspections was increased. The PSC inspections that resulted in identifying deficiencies onboard vessels was decreased for the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Paris PSC MoU but was increased for the Tokyo PSC MoU.

2015.07.20 - PSC Quarterly Report 2015 Q2 Figure 01

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Monthly Piracy Report for May 2015

For the month of May 2015 the majority of the incidents occurred in the Malacca Strait where 12 incidents of maritime piracy and/or armed robbery took place involving various types of vessels. In South China Sea 5 incidents occurred with 3 dry cargo vessels and 2 product tankers. In West Africa 3 incidents were reported, the same figure with Indian Ocean. It is worth noting that no incident was reported in the East African area.

OOW - Monthly Piracy Report for May 2015 Figure 01

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PSC Report for Q1 2015

The PSC Report that was published in the past by OOW has been updated and from now on will be released on a quarterly basis. The updated report focuses mainly on the locations where the majority of the PSC detentions took place in the past quarter. As it can be seen from the report the majority of the PSC detentions takes place in the Tokyo PSC MoU, followed by Paris PSC MoU. This is something to be expected taking into consideration the amount of merchant vessels that visit Indian/Pacific ocean area as well as the Europe area.

2015.06.08 - PSC Quarterly Report 2015 Q1 Figure 01

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Tanker Crashes on Quay – Investigation Report

The following information is a summary of the report issued by the the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) and the Swedish Accident Investigation Board (SHK) regarding an accident in the product tanker Prospero on January 2006.

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Monthly Piracy Report for April 2014

On 29 April 2014 two armed pirates attacked the product tanker, SP Brussels approximately 35nm West of Bayelsa Province, unfortunately this attack resulted in the death of the Chief Engineer and injuries to the Third Officer. Two product tankers were hijacked in April 2014 in the Malacca/Singapore Straits. In both the attacks the pirates were heavily armed. Five incidents were reported in April 2014 at Pulau Bitan, Indonesia. Several attacks took place in the Singapore Straits in 2013 and 2014. Finally the EU NAVFOR warship, FGS Brandenburg managed to intercept a dhow in the Gulf of Aden on 26 April 2014.

  • Arabian Sea: 1
  • East Africa: 2
  • Malacca Strait: 7
  • South America: 1
  • South China Sea: 5
  • West Africa: 3
  • Indian Ocean: 3

2014.05.26 - Monthly Piracy Report for April 2014 Figure 1

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Lifeboat Incident Onboard Bulk Carrier – Investigation Report

This investigation report refers to a lifeboat incident on board the Hong Kong flag bulk carrier Ma Cho that took place at Devonport, Tasmania 9 December 2002.

2014.04.28 - Lifeboat Incident Onboard Bulk Carrier - Investigation Report Figure 1

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Serious Injury of Scaffolder Onboard Offshore Platform – Investigation Report

During the dismantling of scaffolding on Oseberg B 7 May 2009, a scaffolder was seriously injured as he fell 14 meters from the scaffolding and down on to the cellar deck. He was evacuated by rescue helicopter to Haukeland hospital in Bergen, and later died at the hospital.

2014.04.21 - Serious Injury of Scaffolder Onboard Offshore Platform - Investigation Report Figure 1

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Monthly Piracy Report for March 2014

Incidents off the West African coast are currently slightly higher than in Southeast Asia, a position last held by West Africa in 2008, the year in which a total of 39 crew members were kidnapped for ransom off various vessels mostly in the oil industry in Nigeria. Up until the date this report is being published the areas of maritime piracy related incidents worldwide are as follows:

  • East Africa: 2
  • Malacca Strait: 7
  • South China Sea: 1
  • West Africa: 4
  • Indian Ocean: 2
  • Persian Gulf: 1

2014.04.18 - Monthly Piracy Report for March 2014 Figure 1

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General Cargo Ship Grounded While Avoiding Ice – Investigation Report

This investigation report is referring to the grounding of a general cargo ship which was caused while trying to evade blocks of ice on the sea. On the morning of 16 August 2012, the container ship VEGA SAGITTARIUS departed from the port of Nuuk, Greenland, heading for Aasiaat in the north-western part of Greenland. Approximately one hour after departure, the watch keeping officer changed course in order to avoid drifting ice ahead and shortly after, the ship ran aground on a submerged rock by the entrance to Godthåbsfjorden.

201.04.14 - General Cargo Ship Grounded While Avoiding Ice - Investigation Report Figure 1

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