MV Thomas Aquinas Ferry Collision with Cargo Ship

Last Friday MV Thomas Aquinas sank after it collided with cargo ship Sulpicio Express 7, off the central port of Cebu in Philippines, 1.2 miles (2km ) from the shore. The ferry was carrying approximately 715 passengers and 116 crew. Crrently at least 600 survivors have been rescued.

2013.08.20 - Philippines MV Thomas Aquinas Ferry Collision with Cargo Ship Figure 1

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USS Guardian Grounding

US Navy minesweeper USS Guardian, which ran aground on Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea the previous week, has turned 90 degrees due to strong currents. According reports the ship’s movement may have caused more damage to the reef’s fragile corals. The grounding occurred while the vessel was en route to Indonesia to participate in a training exercise. The vessel’s crew has been safely evacuated.

2013.01.22 - USS Guardian Grounding Figure 1

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Filipino Seafarers to Get Double Wage When in HRA

Last month POEA issued a Governing Board Resolution regarding Filipino seafarers working on vessels transiting high-risk areas. According to mentioned resolution the computation of double wage and compensation benefits for seafarers traversing established high risk zones/areas covers overtime and leave pay.

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Cargo Ship Collision with Fishing Vessel in Philippines

The MV Rainbow Joy, a South Korean-registered general cargo ship, rammed a fishing boat off Ligid Island in Davao City on Saturday, causing the smaller vessel to sink instantly. All 11 crew members of the fishing boat Raisa survived the accident.

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