Incident Information on Grounding due to Temporary Loss of Steering

A number of vessels have reported temporary loss of steering when reducing ship’s speed, which has resulting in unintended changes in the ship’s direction. This incident information refers to a fully loaded tanker approaching port under pilotage, lost steering and grounded. As a result the vessel suffered bottom damage.

2013.12.27 - Incident Information on Grounding due to Temporary Loss of Steering Figure 1

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Cargo Tank Corrugated Bulkhead Damages of Double Hull Tankers

Corrugated bulkheads are generally utilised as the boundary between cargo tanks of small and medium sized product or chemical tankers. The corrugation provides benefits such as simplified cleaning which is highly desirable due to the operational profile of these vessel types. Properly designed, constructed and maintained corrugated bulkhead structures can give many years of safe and satisfactory service. On the other hand the complexity of structural configuration and difficulties of manufacture can lead to significant defects occurring which may be costly to repair. The following information is an extract from a Tanker Structure Co-operative Forum (TSCF) paper which reviews corrugated bulkhead design practice and provides details of damage experience from TSCF members.

2013.10.08 - Cargo Tank Corrugated Bulkhead Damages of Double Hull Tankers Figure 1

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Outfitting Related Structural Defects

This post is a summary of a Tanker Structure Co-operative Forum (TSCF) paper which reviews the outfitting defects of tankers and provides an analysis on potential causes and repair proposals. Service history of double hull oil tankers has revealed the fact that outfitting details are not to be neglected since about 5 in 6 defects found in the upper deck plate and stiffeners were cracks due to outfitting. Outfitting reinforcements should be considered as part of the ship structure because a failure of this kind of local reinforcement may affect even the primary structure and cause a critical failure.

2013.09.04 - Outfitting Related Structural Defects Figure 1

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Yacht Hit by Tanker Video

Incident Information on Severe Bearing Damage in the Main Engine due to Spark Erosion

This incident information refers to bearing damage in the main engine of a tanker due to spark erosion. A tanker for oil was on a voyage in the Mediterranean Sea in loaded condition. The crew noted and monitored an abnormally high temperature in one of the main engine’s crankshaft bearings. Suddenly the lubrication oil pressure sank, the oil mist escalated in the crankcase and the engine had to be shut down immediately. The ship experienced a loss of propulsion and drifted for several hours. Finally, the cargo had to be unloaded from the vessel, which was then towed to a repair yard.

2013.07.05 - Incident Information on Severe Bearing Damage in the Main Engine due to Spark Erosion Figure 1

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Tanker and Bulk Carrier Collide off Galveston

The Coast Guard is responding to a collision between two deep draft ships approximately 30 miles off the coast of Galveston today. There has been no report of injury or pollution from either vessel; however, both vessels are reporting damage but are in stable condition.

2013.05.31 - Tanker and Bulk Carrier Collide off Galveston Figure 1

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Tanker in Heavy Storm

Oil Tanker Explosion

Pumproom of Tanker Ship

Fatal Fall of Shore Worker in Cargo Tank – Investigation Report

At 2258 on 19 February 2010, a German shore worker was fatally injured on board the oil/chemical tanker Bro Arthur. Bro Arthur had part-discharged at Rotterdam before arriving in Hamburg to offload her remaining crude palm oil cargo. A team of three cargo “sweepers” had been arranged under the operational direction of a supercargo (person who has wide experience in cargo operations, and normally acts on behalf of the charterer). While exiting No 2 cargo tank on completion of the “sweeping” operation, one of the “sweepers” fell to the bottom of the tank.

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