Master’s Worst Nightmare

The story of one Ship’s rescue of more than 500 immigrants in the Mediterranean during October 2014. A Campbell Shipping fleet ship recently plucked to safety three fishermen who were stranded on their capsized vessel in South Africa.

2015.07.23 - Master's Worst Nightmare

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Norman Atlantic in Fire North of Kerkyra, Greece

A fire broke out onboard the Ro-Ro passenger ship Norman Atlantic during early morning hours (0400-0600 Greece local time), while the vessel was north of Kerkyra, Greece close to Othonoi island. Onboard the vessel there are approximately 480 passengers. The vessel had departed from Igoumenista, Greece and was heading to Ancona, Italy.

2014.12.28 - Norman Atlantic in Fire North of Kerkyra, Greece Figure 01

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Greek Air Forces Rescue Operations on a Yacht in the Aegean

MV Thomas Aquinas Ferry Collision with Cargo Ship

Last Friday MV Thomas Aquinas sank after it collided with cargo ship Sulpicio Express 7, off the central port of Cebu in Philippines, 1.2 miles (2km ) from the shore. The ferry was carrying approximately 715 passengers and 116 crew. Crrently at least 600 survivors have been rescued.

2013.08.20 - Philippines MV Thomas Aquinas Ferry Collision with Cargo Ship Figure 1

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