Il Était un Petit Navire

“Il était un petit navire” (translated in English as “There was a little ship”) is a traditional French song that is now considered a children’s song. Not many people know the macabre story behind its lyrics.

2015.05.16 - Il était un petit navire

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Strategic Planning with Aggregate Data

A sensor is a device that measures some kind of input from the physical world. On complicated technical systems such as vessels, there is an enormous amount of different sensors. The number of sensors will surely grow as the size and cost of sensors continuously decrease. A person technically trained is able to gain some information from a single sensor reading, but the information is much more useful when the data from multiple sensors and sources is combined and aggregated at a higher level. At a higher level the whole vessel can be seen as a moving sensor that is collecting data from environmental conditions as well as the performance of the vessel.

2014.05.05 - Strategic Planning with Aggregate Data Figure 1

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General Cargo Ship Grounding Due to Inaccurate Positioning – Investigation Report

This investigation report refers to the grounding of a general cargo ship caused by the inaccurate positioning of the vessel. On 12 October 2010 at 22:30 the Netherlands-flagged MS NORDLAND, in ballast condition, departed Turku for Pietarsaari. The master, a pilot and a lookout were on the bridge. However, immediately prior to the accident the lookout was not on the bridge.

2014.04.07 - Grounding Due to Inaccurate Positioning - Investigation Report Figure 1

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Use of Drones in POLAR Shipping

Fednav recently became the first shipping company to employ drones, or Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV), for ice reconnaissance on a commercial voyage. The Umiak I, one of Fednav’s most powerful icebreakers, used a variety of video-equipped drones to scout ahead of the vessel in the ice-covered waters of the Labrador Coast. The goal was to provide the captain and officers with detailed real-time visual information on the local ice conditions.

2014.03.27 - Use of Drones in POLAR Shipping

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RoRo Cargo Ship Collision with Moored Bulk Carrier – Investigation Report

On 27 February 2010 the Finnish flagged vessel Global Carrier was on a routine voyage from Turku, Finland bound for Oxelösund, Sweden with a cargo of semitrailers and trucks. There was dense fog in the archipelago but pilot assistance was not considered because the Master was licensed to carry out piloting. The Master had previous experience of this fairway in similar visibility conditions. During a Global Carrier’s maneuver the vessel collided with the moored MV Ecostar G.O.

2013.01.07 - RoRo Cargo Ship Collision with Moored Bulk Carrier Figure 1

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