Cargo Ship Sinks after Colliding with Containership Southwest of Sapientza Island Greece

Cook islands flagged cargo ship Piri Reis, loaded with a cargo of fertilizer, sunk southwest of Sapientza Island in Greece (sea depth at the point of the accident is approximately 2.5 km) after colliding with Antigua & Barbuda flagged containership Consouth. The containership Consouth was not carrying cargo during the collision. The causes of the accident are still unknown.

2013.04.29 - Cargo Ship Sinks after Colliding with Containership Figure 1

According to Greek Media at least 10 Syrian seafarers from Piri Reis are missing and a C-130 along with a rescue helicopter have been dispatched in the area. The containership Consouth had a crew of 16 seafarers whereas the sunken cargoship Piri Reis carried a crew of 17 seafarers.

2013.04.29 - Cargo Ship Sinks after Colliding with Containership Figure 2

UPDATE 1: 29 Apr 2013

The containership Consouth retrieved from the sea two seafarer’s dead bodies from the cargo ship Piri Reis. This brings the number of the missing seafarers to 8 (initially there were 10 seafarers reported missing).

Piri Reis was travelling from Algeria to Ukraine. According to information from the rescued crew of the Piri Reis it took approximately 7 minutes for the cargo ship to sink.

Consouth has sustained minor damages and its crew is consisted of 5 Russians, 10 Polish and 1 Filipino seafarers. he containership had departed from Turkey travelling to Malta.

The Greek (Hellenic) Coastguard is in charge of the rescue operations.

UPDATE 2: 01 May 2013

According to Greek authorities most probable both captains of the vessels are to be blamed mainly due to incompliance with applicable COLLREGS.

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