Collision Between General Cargo Ship and Chemical Tanker in Dover Strait TSS – Investigation Report

On 9 October 2001, the 1009 gt general cargo ship Ash was en route from Odense, Denmark, to the Spanish port of Pasajes, with a cargo of steel coils. She had six crew on board and was making a speed of about 6.25 knots over the ground in the south-west traffic lane of the Dover Strait TSS to the south-east of Hastings. The 4,671 gt chemical tanker Dutch Aquamarine was also on passage in the same traffic lane, en route from Antwerp to Swansea. She had a mixed chemical cargo and a crew of 12 on board. She was making about 12.5 knots over the ground. Despite the fact that the weather was fine and the visibility good the watchkeeper on Dutch Aquamarine did not notice Ash in the period immediately before the collision until she was very close and right ahead. Ash was holed in the collision, she listed quickly to starboard, capsized and sank. The six persons on board jumped into the water and five of them were rescued by Dutch Aquamarine’s fast rescue craft.

2013.07.15 - Collision Between General Cargo Ship & Chemical Tanker in Dover Strait TSS - Investigation Report Figure 1

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