PSC Report for Q3 2015

The third quarter of 2015 the PSC MoU with the highest detention ratio (7.83%) was that of Mediterranean MoU, an increase which is mainly attributed to the increased detention ratio of general cargo ships. After the Mediterranean MoU, the Indian Ocean MoU was the second MoU with increased detention ratio (4.13%), followed by Paris MoU (3.61%) and Black Sea MoU (3.15%). In comparison to the previous quarter of the year the detention ratio of Tokyo MoU was decreased to 2.72%.

2015.10.26 - PSC Quarterly Report 2015 Q3 Figure 01

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PSC Report for Q2 2015

The second quarter of 2015 PSC inspections in Black Sea and Mediterranean PSC MoU were slightly decreased compared to the numbers of the first quarter. The same occurred for Paris PSC MoU, whereas for Tokyo PSC MoU the total number of PSC inspections was increased. The PSC inspections that resulted in identifying deficiencies onboard vessels was decreased for the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Paris PSC MoU but was increased for the Tokyo PSC MoU.

2015.07.20 - PSC Quarterly Report 2015 Q2 Figure 01

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PSC Report for Q1 2015

The PSC Report that was published in the past by OOW has been updated and from now on will be released on a quarterly basis. The updated report focuses mainly on the locations where the majority of the PSC detentions took place in the past quarter. As it can be seen from the report the majority of the PSC detentions takes place in the Tokyo PSC MoU, followed by Paris PSC MoU. This is something to be expected taking into consideration the amount of merchant vessels that visit Indian/Pacific ocean area as well as the Europe area.

2015.06.08 - PSC Quarterly Report 2015 Q1 Figure 01

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Paris MoU Detention Report for Chemical Tanker MT Gorgonilla

During a voyage of M/V Gorgonilla from Gibraltar via the Kiel Canal to Kalundborg, after passing the locks in Brunsbüttel there was a blackout and a shutdown of the main engine. The vessel went alongside in Brunsbüttel 08.02.2010. The ships crew announced the very poor technical condition of the ship and asked for help and support. On the same day an overriding PSC inspection has been carried out.

2013.12.11 - Paris MoU Detention Report for Chemical Tanker MT Gorgonilla Figure 1

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Paris MoU Detention Report for Bulk Carrier MV Ioanna G

The M/V IOANNA G was a 9640 GT bulk carrier built in 1978, adapted for carrying timber cargo on deck, flying the flag of Panama. The vessel called at Las Palmas (Canary Islands, Spain) port on April 3rd 2009 being eligible for an expanded inspection. The ship had no previous inspection records in the Paris MoU region. The first visit on board took place on April 6th 2009.

2013.11.27 - Paris MoU Detention Report for Bulk Carrier MV Ioanna G Figure 1

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Paris MoU Detention Report for Bulk Carrier MV EEC Atlantic

M/V EEC Atlantic arrived at Hamburg on 27.11.2008 to discharge bulk cargo. On the same day a PSC-inspection has been carried out. The ship’s statutory certificates were expired since June 2011. The inspection revealed 43 deficiencies of which 9 were considered as ground for detention.

2013.11.13 - Paris MoU Detention Report for Bulk Carrier MV EEC Atlantic Figure 1

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Paris MoU Detention Report for MV Sunlight-Bey

MV SUNLIGHT-BEY was a ro-ro cargo vessel converted into a 6056 GT livestock carrier, flying the flag of Lebanon. The vessel called at Las Palmas (Canary Islands, Spain) port on May 28th 2008. She had been reported by the pilot due to problems with the propeller. After the PSC carried out on the same day, she was detained with 25 deficiencies, out of which 6 were considered as detainable deficiencies.

2013.10.30 - Paris MoU Detention Report for MV Sunlight-Bey Figure 1

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Paris MoU Detention Report for MV CARIB VISION

In the morning of October 8, 2008 the Liberian tank ship “CARIB VISION”, a former oil tanker and now a miscellaneous tanker carrying molasses, was boarded in Three-Rivers Canada, to perform a Port State Control inspection. The ship hadn’t been inspected under Paris MOU within the past 7 years and was not a regular trader to Canada. She was on her first of two scheduled voyages between Puerto Rico and Three-Rivers. During the first part of the inspection in the master’s office, only minor non-conformities were noted but the master showed evident signs of agitation. As the inspection progressed, tension was building to a point that the attending PSCO requested assistance from the district office. The inspection started out as an initial inspection but ended up in a detention as major deficiencies were revealed.

2013.10.24 - Paris MoU Detention Report for MV CARIB VISION Figure 1

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Monthly PSC Report for August 2013

During August 2013 the PSC detention in the Paris MoU area showed a slight decrease compared to July 2013. In the Tokyo MoU areas there has been a greater decrease of the vessels’ detentions, in August 2013 there were 97 detentions while during July 2013 there were 130. The number of detentions in the Mediterranean MoU has been decreased from 18 to just 4, maybe as a result of the civil unrest in Egypt during August. The Indian Ocean MoU detentions number remained the same for the month under review, that is 37. Finally there has been a decrease in the Black Sea MoU detentions from 15 to 7. A PDF version of this post is also available for download. Please click the following link in order to download OOW PSC Monthly Report for August 2013. The PDF version of this report can be also found in the OOW profile in Scribd by clicking HERE.

2013.10.16 - Monthly PSC Report for August 2013 Figure 1

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Eight Ships Detained for MLC Related Deficiencies in Paris MoU During First Month of MLC Implementation

On 20 August 2013 the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC, 2006) entered into force and became a relevant instrument for the Paris MoU. During the first month 8 ships were detained for MLC-related deficiencies in areas under the jurisdiction of Paris MoU. This means that 12% of the total number of detentions (68) in the Paris MoU area in this period was MLC, 2006 related.

2013.10.08 - Eight Ships Detained for MLC Related Deficiencies in Paris MoU During First Month of MLC Implementation

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