Paris MoU Detention Report for Chemical Tanker MT Gorgonilla

During a voyage of M/V Gorgonilla from Gibraltar via the Kiel Canal to Kalundborg, after passing the locks in Brunsbüttel there was a blackout and a shutdown of the main engine. The vessel went alongside in Brunsbüttel 08.02.2010. The ships crew announced the very poor technical condition of the ship and asked for help and support. On the same day an overriding PSC inspection has been carried out.

2013.12.11 - Paris MoU Detention Report for Chemical Tanker MT Gorgonilla Figure 1

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Preventing Seafaring Dreams from Turning Into Nightmares

Following the official entry into force date of the MLC a few days ago ILO published a very interesting article about the expectations to improve the lives of seafarers. Being a seafarer was a childhood dream for Alex de La Cruz. He was raised in the southern part of the Philippines, where most of his neighbours and relatives were working as seafarers.

2013.08.22 - Preventing Seafaring Dreams from Turning Into Nightmares

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ITF Uncovers Appalling Conditions Onboard Vessels

Sixty seven inspections in one week in designated ports in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines led to notices of warnings being issued to errant companies and unpaid wage claims. This latest ITF campaign to protect conditions for seafarers working on vessels in South East Asia resulted in the discovery of several abuses between 21-25 January.

2013.04.11 - ITF Uncovers Appalling Conditions Onboard Vessels

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Superintendent Dies Onboard Sage Sagittarius

A Japanese superintendent who was put onto a Newcastle coal ship after two suspicious deaths, has become the third person to die on the ship in the last six weeks. Kosaku Monji, 37, was on the Sage Sagittarius on October 6 when it was unloading a cargo of Newcastle coal in the Japanese port of Kudamatsu.

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Second Death Onboard Sage Sagittarius

Almost a week ago a crewman onboard bulk carrier MV Sage Sagittarius was reported missing, possibly after a dispute about conditions on the ship. An investigation had been initiated by the Australian Federal Police. Now the police is investigating again a second suspicious death on the coal ship Sage Sagittarius. The police has set up a crime scene at the ship, where it is berthed at the Dyke wharves at Carrington in Newcastle.

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