Eight Ships Detained for MLC Related Deficiencies in Paris MoU During First Month of MLC Implementation

On 20 August 2013 the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC, 2006) entered into force and became a relevant instrument for the Paris MoU. During the first month 8 ships were detained for MLC-related deficiencies in areas under the jurisdiction of Paris MoU. This means that 12% of the total number of detentions (68) in the Paris MoU area in this period was MLC, 2006 related.

2013.10.08 - Eight Ships Detained for MLC Related Deficiencies in Paris MoU During First Month of MLC Implementation

The detentions were imposed by 4 different port States:

  • Canada (3 ships)
  • Denmark
  • Russian Federation
  • Spain

The detained ships were flying the flag of

Cyprus (2 ships),

  • Liberia
  • Marshall Islands
  • Netherlands
  • Panama (2 ships)
  • Tanzania

Other interesting figures during the month of MLC:

  • A total of 4,260 deficiencies have been recorded.
  • 494 deficiencies out of the 4,260 recorded (11.5%) were related to any of the ILO Conventions listed as relevant instrument.
  • Of these 494, 30 (6,1%) were considered to be serious enough to be a ground for detention.
  • 23 of those 30 (76,7%) were related to breaches of the MLC and resulted in the detention of 8 individual ships.
  • The total number of detentions was 68 during 1,532 inspections, which resulted in a detention rate of 4,4%.

Only the member States of the Paris MoU who have ratified the MLC,2006 on or before 20 August 2012 are entitled to conduct PSC inspections on MLC, 2006 requirements from 20 August 2013.

As a result the following twelve member States have started enforcing the MLC, 2006: Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, the Russian Federation, Spain and Sweden.

Source: Paris MoU, SAFETY4SEA

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