Engine Room Fire Onboard Asphalt Tanker – Investigation Report

At about 1230 local time on 9 January 2009, a fire accident happened onboard the Hong Kong registered asphalt tanker “An Tai Jiang” when she was en route from Ulsan to Ningbo. The fire started inside the engine room and spread into accommodation spaces. The accident resulted in the deaths of the Third Engineer and a motorman inside the engine room, and another motorman lost at sea after falling into water. The engine room and crew accommodation sustained serious damage. There was no oil pollution to marine environment.

2014.03.24 - Engine Room Fire Onboard Oil Tanker - Investigation Report Figure 1

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Paris MoU Detention Report for MV Sunlight-Bey

MV SUNLIGHT-BEY was a ro-ro cargo vessel converted into a 6056 GT livestock carrier, flying the flag of Lebanon. The vessel called at Las Palmas (Canary Islands, Spain) port on May 28th 2008. She had been reported by the pilot due to problems with the propeller. After the PSC carried out on the same day, she was detained with 25 deficiencies, out of which 6 were considered as detainable deficiencies.

2013.10.30 - Paris MoU Detention Report for MV Sunlight-Bey Figure 1

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Incident Information On Bursting of Starting Air Compressor

A starting air compressor bursted during running test, throwing pieces of steel all over the engine room. The compressor itself was beyond repairs. Two persons were injured, one of them seriously.

2013.08.30 - Incident Information Bursting of Starting Air Compressor

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Incident Information Regarding Fire in Engine Room

This incident refers to a fire that started in the main engine room of a merchant vessel when at sea. Both main engines were stopped by the crew. The ship had full electrical power supply during the whole event due to separate auxiliary engine room. The crew used CO2 and water to put out the fire, which was finally extinguished after approximately four hours.

2013.08.23 - Incident Information Regarding Fire in Engine Room Figure 1

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Incident Information on Engine Room Flooding

This incident information refer to an engine room flooding which occurred on board a ship during preparation for cleaning of a sea water inlet filter. Cleats on the filter were released and immediately seawater flooded through the filter.

2013.07.19 - Incident Information on Engine Room Flooding Figure 1

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Bulk Carrier Engine Room Tour

Rescue of Burning Bulk Carrier by NATO Forces

On early morning 30 March 2013, off the island of Masirah (Oman), the Liberian fllaged cargo bulk carrier ‘Atlantic Confidence’, reported to have a fire in the engine room and requested assistance. Upon receiving the message, Admiral Antonio Natale, Commander of the NATO Task Force engaged in the fight against piracy off the Horn of Africa, promptly ordered the nearest vessel under his command, the frigate USS Nicholas to proceed at maximum speed and assist.

2013.04.01 -  Rescue of Burning Bulk Carrier by NATO Forces Figure 1

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Near Loss of Emergency Power

The vessel went aground and damaged the hull, which resulted in water ingress. Partial flooding of the engine room caused shut down of the main generators and as a consequence the emergency generator started automatically. After about 45 minutes it was noted that the emergency generator engine was overheating, leading to a risk of emergency power supply failure.

2013.03.08 - Near Loss of Emergency Power Figure 1

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Engine Room Fire due to Burst Fuel Injection Pipe

A port auxiliary engine was operating under normal conditions when a fire started in way of the manifold. It was decided to evacuate the engine room and the CO2 system was released eleven minutes after detection of the fire. After approximately half an hour, the fire was confirmed extinguished.

2013.02.01 - Engine Room Fire due to Burst Fuel Injection Pipe Figure 1

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Super-yacht Engine Room Tour

The yacht “S/Y Dubai Magic” on the video is 45 meters.

Video contribution from Super Yacht Crew Guide