The New Wärtsilä 46DF Engine

Wärtsilä introduced yesterday the new Wärtsilä 46DF engine. According to Wärtsilä  the engine compared to any other alternative currently available on the market its specific fuel consumption is lower, output is remarkably higher, and lifecycle costs are extremely attractive.

2014.04.03 - The New Wärtsilä 46DF Engine

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Climate Change and Impacts to Shipping

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a report yesterday that says the effects of climate change are already occurring on all continents and across the oceans. The world, in many cases, is ill-prepared for risks from a changing climate. The report also concludes that there are opportunities to respond to such risks, though the risks will be difficult to manage with high levels of warming.

2014.04.03 - Climate Change and Impacts to Shipping

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Europe Remains Global Fleet’s Flagship

“Although shipping has seldom been in the limelight, it never ceased to play a substantial role in Europe’s economy” commented Patrick Verhoeven, ECSA Secretary General on today’s release of the Oxford Economics study on the economic value of the EU shipping industry. He added: “The EU shipping industry continues to stay its ground in these hard times against fierce competition from third country shipping centres, particularly those in Asia and the Middle East. It remains today a world leader and an important source of revenue and jobs in Europe.”

2014.04.03 - Europe Remains Global Fleet's Flagship

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Tokyo MoU CIC Preliminary Results on Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery

Defects related to propulsion and auxiliary machinery installations have traditionally been one of the top six categories of deficiencies recorded during port State control (PSC) inspections in previous years. An average of 7% of the total number of the deficiencies identified within the Tokyo MOU region are related to machinery installations. For the purpose of verifying compliance with the requirements of SOLAS Convention Chapter II-1, member Authorities of the Tokyo MOU undertook a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery from 1 September to 30 November 2013.

2014.04.02 - Tokyo MoU CIC Preliminary Results on Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery

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Container Ship Sinks after Colliding with Ferry in Indonesia

A container ship was sunk after colliding with a passenger vessel outside the Tanjung Perak Port, located in the city of Surabaya in Indonesia.

2014.04.02 - Container Ship Sinks after Colliding with Ferry in Indonesia

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Kidnapping Resurgent in Gulf of Guinea Piracy

The first ten weeks of 2014 have witnessed the resurgence of maritime kidnap-for-ransom off the coast of Nigeria’s Niger Delta. This distinct form of piracy does not receive the same international attention as does the hijacking and robbery of multi-million dollar tanker cargos, but it poses an omnipresent threat to greater number of mariners.

2014.04.02 - Kidnapping Resurgent in Gulf of Guinea Piracy Figure 1

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MOL Group Management Plan “STEER FOR 2020”

MOL announced on Monday the new three-year midterm management plan that will take effect in April 2014. MOL Group has been carrying out all plans in single-year plan “RISE 2013” with goals of restoring profitability and laying a strong foundation to return to a growth trajectory.

2014.04.01 - MOL Group Management Plan STEER FOR 2020

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Car carrier Baltic Breeze Collision with Fishing Vessel in Spain

Earlier today the Singapore flagged car carrier Baltic Breeze collided with a Spanish fishing vessel near the Port of Vigo in Spain.

2014.04.01 - Car carrier Baltic Breeze Collision with Fishing Vessel in Spain

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Cargo Ship Grounding at beach in Shaldon, UK

A 81 meter cargo ship grounded on the beach in the mouth of the River Teign a few days ago.

2014.04.01 - Cargo Ship Grounding at beach in Shaldon, UK

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Retrofitting Cruise Ships to LNG

DNV GL has recenlty issued a new report to evaluate the possibility of retrofitting existing cruise ships to run on LNG as fuel. Considering the cost of investments and fuel prices, LNG may be a cost- beneficial solution that meets the challenge for reducing air emissions.

2014.04.01 - Retrofitting Cruise Ships to LNG

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