The New Wärtsilä 46DF Engine

Wärtsilä introduced yesterday the new Wärtsilä 46DF engine. According to Wärtsilä  the engine compared to any other alternative currently available on the market its specific fuel consumption is lower, output is remarkably higher, and lifecycle costs are extremely attractive.

2014.04.03 - The New Wärtsilä 46DF Engine

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New Inline Scrubber System by Wärtsilä

According to Wärtsilä the new inline scrubber system design that has been developed by the Company lowers cost, saves space, and eases installation.

2014.03.10 - New Inline Scrubber System by Wärtsilä Figure 1

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Wärtsilä Open Loop Scrubber System

New Aframax Tanker Design by Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä Ship Design has developed a double hull, single screw crude oil tanker featuring a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) optimised hull to provide less resistance with higher propulsion efficiency. The minimum time at the terminals is ensured by the high loading/discharge rate. The CFD optimisation of the hull form has carefully considered the flow lines and pressure distribution along the hull, while the cylindrical bow accommodates a range of operational draughts even in rough weather conditions.

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