Container Ship Sinks after Colliding with Ferry in Indonesia

A container ship was sunk after colliding with a passenger vessel outside the Tanjung Perak Port, located in the city of Surabaya in Indonesia.

2014.04.02 - Container Ship Sinks after Colliding with Ferry in Indonesia

The accident took place at approximately 2.25 a.m., , and the container vessel Journey began to take on water and sank. causing the loss of 133 containers.

Fortunately, the passenger ship Lambelu suffered no serious damages.

According to early reports the containership after pulling up anchor she began to drift towards the passenger vessel and the vessels soon collided.

Fortunately there were no casualties and the 17 crew members onboard the containership Journey were able to swim to safety.

The container ship sank after a collision with the at the port of Tanjung Perak of Surabaya, East Java in the morning of Apr 1, 2014, at 02.25 LT. The “Journey” had weighed the anchor and was drifted by the sea current towards the “Lembelu”, which was dropping its anchor.

The authorities were still investigating the incident.

Source: Port Technology

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