Turkish Cargo Ship Sinks Near Port of Ravenna, Italy

On 28/12/2014 at 0800 GMT, a Turkish ship (Gokbel), having 11 seafarers as crew, collided with a Belize flag vessel and sank. The collision occurred due to poor visibility just a mile from the Italian Adriatic port of Ravenna.

2014.12.29 - Turkish Cargo Ship Sinks Near Port of Ravenna, Italy

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Norman Atlantic in Fire North of Kerkyra, Greece

A fire broke out onboard the Ro-Ro passenger ship Norman Atlantic during early morning hours (0400-0600 Greece local time), while the vessel was north of Kerkyra, Greece close to Othonoi island. Onboard the vessel there are approximately 480 passengers. The vessel had departed from Igoumenista, Greece and was heading to Ancona, Italy.

2014.12.28 - Norman Atlantic in Fire North of Kerkyra, Greece Figure 01

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Artic Vessel Activity Projection Study

The Committee on the Marine Transportation System (CMTS) is a U.S. cabinet-level interagency committee tasked to coordinate U.S. marine transportation policy.

2014.12.02 - Artic Vessel Activity Projection Study

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Safety4Sea Forum 2014

The 5th Annual Safety4Sea Forum takes place today in the premises of the Eugenides Foundation in Athens. The Annual Safety4Sea is a project developed by SQE Marine with the aim of enhancing Safety Awareness and promote Best Practices related to Safety in the Shipping Industry. The SafetSea forum is a NON PROFIT / PRO BONO event. This year’s program includes subjects such as LNG ins shipping, Human Factors, Port State Control Inspections etc.


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Hanjin Shipping Issues 9.2M Dollars Convertible Bonds

According to IHS Maritime, Hanjin Shipping, one of the biggest shipping companies at Sourh Korea, has announced today the issuance of convertible bonds in order to raise 9.2M dollars as working capital.

2014.09.26 - Hanjin Shipping Issues 9.2M Dollars Convertible Bonds

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A Reflection on Posidonia 2014

In ancient Greek mythology, Posidon (also spelled as ‘Poseidon’ and known as Neptune in the Roman mythology) was a major god of the Olympian Pantheon protecting the waters and seas. Posidon, although not as temperamental as his more famous older brother Zeus, was known from time to stir the waters for fun or just to raise hell – so to speak; his weapon was the three-pronged trident which not only caused major storms in the sea but also could shake the earth and cause earthquakes.

2014.06.16 - A Reflection on Posidonia 2014

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Eniram Cleantech Company of the Decade

Eniram Limited, the fast-growing Finnish provider of energy management technology and data analytic services to the shipping industry, today announced that it had been named by Cleantech Group (CTG), developer of the i3 market intelligence platform, as one of CTG’s five picks as a European Cleantech Company of the Decade. This one-off award was made in connection with the 10th anniversary Cleantech Forum Europe, held in Stockholm this year. The award was made in Stockholm’s City Hall, the venue of the annual Nobel Prize ceremony.

2014.05.23 - Eniram Cleantech Company of the Decade Figure 1

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Wreck-Removal Convention to Enter Into Force

The Nairobi International Convention on the Removal Wrecks will enter into force on 14 April 2015 following the deposit, on 14 April 2014, of an instrument of ratification by Denmark, with the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

2014.04.16 - Wreck-Removal Convention to Enter Into Force

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Russian Sanctions and the Negative Effect on Global Energy Security

After a series of headline-grabbing statements about the possibility of “switching” European consumers over to American gas, the US media hastened to announce the launch of Obama’s oil and gas offensive against Russia. In reality the EU is not currently prepared, neither technically nor in terms of price, to buy its energy resources from the US.  It would take at least ten years to adapt even the technically advanced German energy system to work with American gas supply. In a crisis, when it is particularly urgent to see a quick return on an investment, such projects are unrealistic.

2014.04.16 - Russian Sanctions and the Negative Effect on Global Energy Security

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Quantifying Arctic Shipping Risk through Case Studies

Shipping activities in Arctic areas are certain to increase in the years to come and, as the Arctic is a challenging and diverse environment, knowing how to manage its risks will be crucial. Through case studies, DNV GL has estimated that the risk is nearly 30 per cent higher for a cruise ship and almost 15 per cent higher for a bulk carrier compared to more conventional routes.

2014.04.14 - Quantifying Arctic Shipping Risk through Case Studies

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