LNG Terminal Logistics (Part 1)

Today, we’ll have a look at why LNG terminal logistics is important, and why it is going to be even more important in the future. In Part 2 of this article, we’ll look at some very basic mathematics explaining the logistics of a multi-user terminal. In Part 3, we’ll take a look at slot management and how this puzzle can cause headaches.

2014.04.17 - LNG Terminal Logistics (Part 1)

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Green4Sea Forum 2014

The 3rd Annual Green4Sea Forum takes place today in the premises of the Eugenides Foundation in Athens. The Annual Green4Sea is part of SQE’s Safety4Sea project. The Green4Sea forum is a NON PROFIT / PRO BONO event aiming to enhance Environmental Awareness and promote Best Practices in way of Environmental Excellence in the Shipping Industry. This year’s program includes subjects such as Air Emissions & Energy Efficiency, Green Shipping Developments, Ballast Water Management, LNG as a Fuel etc.

2014.04.09 - Green4Sea Forum 2014

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Maximizing LNG Ship Efficiency Through Integrated Optimization

Part of my job is performing pilot installations of our systems onboard many types of ships, which is both invigorating and challenging. With any new ship design, the first step is to get as much knowledge as possible about onboard operations. A couple of months ago, I headed out to sail on a modern LNG tanker. As it turns out I was in for a little more than I expected due to some typhoons we got to meet.

2014.04.03 - Maximizing Lng Ship Efficiency Through Integrated Optimization Figure 1

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Retrofitting Cruise Ships to LNG

DNV GL has recenlty issued a new report to evaluate the possibility of retrofitting existing cruise ships to run on LNG as fuel. Considering the cost of investments and fuel prices, LNG may be a cost- beneficial solution that meets the challenge for reducing air emissions.

2014.04.01 - Retrofitting Cruise Ships to LNG

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New Optimization Product for LNG Sector by Eniram

Last week Eniram announced at Gastech 2014, the world’s largest LPG, LNG and natural gas event, another advanced fuel-saving product based on the established Eniram vessel platform.

2014.03.31 - New Optimization Product for LNG Sector by Eniram Figure 1

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Gastech 2014 and Opportunities in LNG Shipping

According to Andrew Clifton, General Manager for the Society for International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators, there are unprecedented opportunities in LNG shipping today. Last Tuesday in Gastech 2014 Andrew Clifton stated that there are more ships and terminals than ever before. Within 3 to 4 years, there will be a fleet of over 500 LNG vessels in service. It is worth mentioning that in 1997, there were only 100 vessels in service.

2014.03.28 - Opportunities in LNG Shipping

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HFO Main Fuel for Deep Sea Shipping for Years to Come

A new report from Lloyd’s Register (LR) and University College London’s Energy Institute, Global Marine Fuel Trends 2030, indicates that, in all scenarios, heavy fuel oil remains the main fuel for deep sea shipping while LNG develops a deep sea bunker market share of 11% by 2030.

2014.03.12 - HFO Main Fuel for Deep Sea Shipping for Years to Come

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Step by step LNG Bunkering by DNV

Production of Liquefied Natural Gas

LNG Carrier Tank Coating Protection