Cargo Ship in Storm

Attempts for Pilot Disembarkation in Rough Sea Cause Bulk Carrier Grounding – Investigation Report

This investigation report refers to the grounding pf MV TALI  off the coast of Norway on 29 January 2008. In an attempt to disembark the pilot in rough sea resulted in the rudder and the propeller of the vessel being damaged, moreover the propeller shaft moved outwards in such a way that the vessel started making water through the shaft tube. The engine room was filled with water to a height of ten metres, and the vessel lost its manoeuvrability.

2013.08.12 - Attempts for Pilot Disembarkation in Rough Sea Cause Bulk Carrier Grounding - Investigation Report Figure 1

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Foundering of the General Cargo Ship Tycoon – Investigation Report

On the morning of 8 January 2012, one of the permanent mooring lines holding the general cargo ship Tycoon in position in the inner moorings at Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island, came free from its anchor. As a result, the ship moved forward and closer to the nearby terminal rock face, eventually making contact with the rock face as the weather and sea conditions deteriorated. Despite attempts to move it away, Tycoon continued to pound against the rock face. Eventually, the ship’s engine room began to flood through a tear in the hull. Shortly afterwards, the crew safely abandoned the ship. At about 1100 on 9 January, Tycoon suffered a catastrophic failure of its hull and the contents of the ship’s number two cargo hold, about 260 tonnes of bagged phosphate, were exposed to the sea.

2013.07.22 - Foundering of the General Cargo Ship Tycoon - Investigation Report Figure  1

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New Zealand Ferry Rough Crossing

Tanker in Heavy Storm

Bow Impact Damage

During a normal daily inspection serious indents were found in a ship’s bow in way of the Bosun store at port side, affecting shell plating and 12 frames.  The damage was assumed to have occurred during heavy weather conditions, which had caused bow impact pressure, which exceeded the capacity of the bow structure. This could either have happened because the sea state caused higher loads than accounted for in the class rules or the ship may have operated outside the range of “good marine practice”. Damage, has occurred quite frequently on container ships and also on other cargo ships, having comparable speed and high flare angle.

2013.01.04 - Bow Impact Damage Figure 1

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MV Selendang Ayu Grounding – Investigation Report

On December 8, 2004 the M/V Selendang Ayu, a Malaysian bulk carrier, ran aground off the coast of Unalaska Island in western Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. The grounding caused the ship to break in half  and resulted in an oil spill of approximately 336,000 gallons of fuel oil and diesel fuel that led to an environmental cleanup lasting until June 2006. During the rescue operations a coast guard helicopter crashed and six of the vessel’s crew died just moments after being rescued, while the last persons onboard the ship, the master and a rescuer, watched a few minutes later the ship breaking in half.

2012.12.10 - MV Selendang Ayu Grounding Figuer 1

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Attempting to Safely Anchor in Heavy Weather

Oil Tanker Runs Aground due to Cyclone

MT Pratibha Cauvery, an oil tanker with a 37-member crew on board ran aground off Chenai coast as a result of strong winds and heavy weather due to cyclone Nilam. Operations were launched by local authorities to rescue some crew members because the life boat carrying them capsized. One sailor died and three others are said to be in a serious condition.The local authorities are searching for the remaining 5 crew members.

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Chemical Tanker Washed Up by Hurricane Sandy

A 170 foot long vessel was washed aground on Staten Island by Hurricane Sandy. The MT John B. Caddell is a Liquid Oil/Chemical Tanker built in 1941. The tanker was moored about a mile from where she ran aground on Front Street, Staten Island. Fortunately nobody was hurt during the incident.

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