Pumpman Dies After Entering Enclosed Space – Investigation Report

This investigation report refers to the death of a pumpman after entering a cargo tank of a chemical tanker without taking any safety precautions. The pumpman entered the cargo tank in an effort to retrieve the sampling device used to to document that the cargo had not deteriorated during transport. The crew managed to retrieve the pumpman from the cargo tank but despite efforts to save his life, he was later declared dead.

2013.10.14 - Pumpman Dies After Entering Enclosed Space - Investigation Report Figure 1

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Fatal Fall of Shore Worker in Cargo Tank – Investigation Report

At 2258 on 19 February 2010, a German shore worker was fatally injured on board the oil/chemical tanker Bro Arthur. Bro Arthur had part-discharged at Rotterdam before arriving in Hamburg to offload her remaining crude palm oil cargo. A team of three cargo “sweepers” had been arranged under the operational direction of a supercargo (person who has wide experience in cargo operations, and normally acts on behalf of the charterer). While exiting No 2 cargo tank on completion of the “sweeping” operation, one of the “sweepers” fell to the bottom of the tank.

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