Cargo Tank Corrugated Bulkhead Damages of Double Hull Tankers

Corrugated bulkheads are generally utilised as the boundary between cargo tanks of small and medium sized product or chemical tankers. The corrugation provides benefits such as simplified cleaning which is highly desirable due to the operational profile of these vessel types. Properly designed, constructed and maintained corrugated bulkhead structures can give many years of safe and satisfactory service. On the other hand the complexity of structural configuration and difficulties of manufacture can lead to significant defects occurring which may be costly to repair. The following information is an extract from a Tanker Structure Co-operative Forum (TSCF) paper which reviews corrugated bulkhead design practice and provides details of damage experience from TSCF members.

2013.10.08 - Cargo Tank Corrugated Bulkhead Damages of Double Hull Tankers Figure 1

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Buckling of Bulkheads During Steaming of Tank

A vessel was being prepared for Methanol loading by steaming out the cargo tanks for chloride removal. After steaming out the cargo tank, the duty officer went inside the tank for inspection and found deformed bulkheads.

2013.05.03 - Buckling of Bulkheads During Steaming of Tank

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