Parana River Main Channel Blocked by Grounded Bulk Carrier

Port of Rosario, Argentina’s largest port for exporting grain might remain blocked for almost a week due to the grounding of a Bulk Carrier in the main channel of Parana River. The Cyprus flagged MV Paraskevi remains grounded there since last Tuesday 11 March.

2014.03.17 - Parana River Main Channel Blocked by Grounded Bulk Carrier Figure 1

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Cargo Ship & Barge Collision in Houston Ship Channel

Last Friday a cargo ship and a barge have collided in Houston channel. Currently the USCG is investigating the cause of the collision between the cargo ship Genius Star VII and a barge loaded with 840,000 gallons of fuel oil in the Houston Ship Channel.

2014.03.16 - Cargo Ship & Barge Collision in Houston Ship Channel Figure 1

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Analysis of Shipping Losses of Over 100 GT

Shipping losses continued their downward trend with 94 losses reported worldwide in 2013, coming in below 100 for only the second time in 12 years, according to Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE’s (AGCS) second annual Safety and Shipping Review 2014, which analyzes reported shipping losses of over 100 gross tons.

2014.03.14 - Analysis of Shipping Losses of Over 100 GT

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Grounding of Container Ship Near Mykonos, Greece

On the way to Tunisia from Izmir, the 1995-built 116-meter-long Turkish-flagged container ship Yusuf Çepnioğlu ran aground near the island of Mykonos.

2014.03.08 - Grounding of Container Ship Near Mykonos, Greece

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Grounding of Oil Tanker Due to Strong Winds at Syros, Greece

A tanker scheduled for Dry Docking in Neorion Shipyards was grounded in the early morning hours of Friday (03:15 LT) in the maritime region of Azolimnos Syros. The Liberian flagged Oil Tanker “ALIAKMON” (L=213,4m / B=32,29m / GRT=35711 t / DWT=61284t) was moored waiting to get in the drydock. Because of the strong winds in the area it was led astray and “stuck” on the rocks.

Oil Tanker Grounding due to Strong Winds at Syros, Greece Figure 1

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Ship Accidents Video Collection

Panama Flag Cargo Ship Sinks After Running Into Seawall Off South Korea

Yesterday at 2130 hours local time a panama flag cargo ship, belonging to China’s Lishen International Shipping Group Corporation, with a crew of 19 sank in South Korea’s southeast Pohang harbor during a storm. The Chinese Consulate General in Busan reported that up until now 9 people have been reported dead, 8 have been rescued and 2 are missing. 18 of the crew were Chinese and 1 Vietnamese. The South Korea’s coast guard conducts the rescue operation.

2013.10.16 - Panama Flag Cargo Ship Sinks After Running Into Seawall Off South Korea Figure 1

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The Piper Alpha Disaster

Australian Shipping Safety Incidents Statistics

The information contained in this post are extracts from The ATSB “Australian Shipping Occurrences Statistics 2005 to 2012” which provides information on what accidents and incidents have happened during the analysis period, how often they have happened, and what can be learnt from them. Incidents, and injuries happen more often than is widely believed. Some of the most frequent accident types are preventable, particularly fatalities to crew and shipboard workers. Lessons learned from the experiences of others in the industry can help identify the safety risks in their operation that could lead to a similar accident or serious incident. Analysis of reported occurrences helps to understand why accidents and incidents happen, and where the major safety risks are.

2013.10.02 - Australian Shipping Occurrences Statistics 2005 to 2012 Figure 1

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Collision Between Tanker and Containership – Investigation Report

This incident investigation report refers to the collision between the tanker the British Cygnet and the Containership Vera. On the morning of the 2nd of December the oil tanker British Cygnet was proceeding in ballast on passage from Rotterdam to Fredericia in Denmark to load crude oil. The containership Vera on the morning of the 2nd of December the was on passage from Arhus to Bremerhaven engaged on a container feeder service. At 1130 UTC both vessels entered the buoyed channel north of Fynshoved. The British Cygnet was southbound and the Vera northbound. At 1138 UTC both vessels collided in the channel. Fortunately there were no injuries and no pollution as a result of this incident.

2013.09.03 - Collision Between Tanker and Containership - Investigation Report Figure 1

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