Greek Economy and Shipping

Greece Remains at the Top of Shipping Economy

Despite the economic downturn, Greek shipowners have proved once again to be the leaders of global shipping industry. It is worthy to note that they control the 16,25% of global fleet in terms of dwt, while they own the 23,5% and 18,5% of total tankers and bulkers respectively.

2014.02.16 - Greece Remains at the Top of Shipping Economy

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Grounding of Oil Tanker Due to Strong Winds at Syros, Greece

A tanker scheduled for Dry Docking in Neorion Shipyards was grounded in the early morning hours of Friday (03:15 LT) in the maritime region of Azolimnos Syros. The Liberian flagged Oil Tanker “ALIAKMON” (L=213,4m / B=32,29m / GRT=35711 t / DWT=61284t) was moored waiting to get in the drydock. Because of the strong winds in the area it was led astray and “stuck” on the rocks.

Oil Tanker Grounding due to Strong Winds at Syros, Greece Figure 1

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EU Approach on Safety of Offshore Platforms

Prevailing trends in the European oil industry, especially in the field of search, detection and extraction of hydrocarbon deposits (Upstream), show an increase of these activities in the coming years. The most – technological, institutional, business – advanced European North, has begun to decline after forty years of production and prepares … not just to pass the “baton” to the south, but to bring it themselves…

2013.06.13 - EU Approach on Safety of Offshore Platforms Figure 1

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