Alexander L. Kielland Platform Capsize Accident – Investigation Report

The semi-submersible “flotel” (floating hotel) Alexander L. Kielland capsized on 27 March 1980 while bridge connected to the steel jacket Ekofisk Edda platform. The flotel lost one of its five legs in severe gale force winds, but not an extreme storm. The accident started with one of the bracings failing due to fatigue, thereby causing a succession of failures of all bracings attached to this leg. It was discovered during the investigation that the weld of an instrument connection on the bracing had contained cracks, which had probably been in existence since the rig was built. The cracks had developed over time, and the remaining steel was less than 50%.

2013.04.29 - Alexander L. Kielland Capsize Accident in North Sea Figure 1

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Container Ship Capsizes Northeast of Longkou in Shandong Province East China

According to Shangdong province authorities the containership Guangyangxingang sank off the Chinese coast last Monday, due to bad weather and strong winds. One of the crew members has been rescued by a helicopter.

2013.03.19 - Container Ship Capsizes Northeast of Longkou in Shandong Province East China Figure 1

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Oil Tanker Runs Aground due to Cyclone

MT Pratibha Cauvery, an oil tanker with a 37-member crew on board ran aground off Chenai coast as a result of strong winds and heavy weather due to cyclone Nilam. Operations were launched by local authorities to rescue some crew members because the life boat carrying them capsized. One sailor died and three others are said to be in a serious condition.The local authorities are searching for the remaining 5 crew members.

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Coast Guard Boat Capsizes After Rescuing Cargo Ship Crew

A cargo ship with a total of 13 Chinese and six Philippine crew members while heading to Singapore, asked for help after the ship started taking on water. South Korean coast guard responded to their calls and rescued all crew from the sinking cargo ship. Unfortunately the coast guard vessel capsized after rescuing the crew in distress and as a result three Filipino and two Chinese seafarers died.

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Bulk Carrier Capsizes in China

2 dead, 7 missing after ship capsizes |Society |

Two children died while seven others remain missing after a bulk carrier capsized and sank early Wednesday at a port in east China’s Jiangsu province…