Drilling Rig Anchoring Failure Incident Information

A few months ago PSA issued a new journal providing valuable information on some of the most relevant issues and challenges that are being faced by the oil & gas industry in the field of safety. The following information is an extract from PSA’s journal “Dialogue” regarding a mooring incident on the drilling rig Ocean Vanguard in 2004.

2013.11.20 - Drilling Rig Anchoring Failure Incident Information

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Loss of Anchor

A vessel lost one anchor and four lengths of chain cable during anchor handling. During the vessel’s previous drydocking, a number of chain cable lengths had been renewed on port and starboard side, including a number of Kenter shackles (joining shackles) as found necessary, due to wastage in excess of allowable limits. The remaining part of the anchor chain cable lengths and Kenter shackles were at that time found to be in satisfactory condition.

2013.01.25 - Loss of Anchor Figure 1

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Attempting to Safely Anchor in Heavy Weather