Sinking Of The Lusitania Documentary

Car Carrier Baltic Ace Sinks After Collision with Containership in North Sea

The Bahamas flagged car carrier Baltic Ace sunk after a collision at sea off the coast of Zeeland. The accident occurred about 65 kilometers off the coast of Zeeland. The ship had a crew of 24 seafarers. Baltic Ace collided with the Cyprus flagged containership Corvus J. The condition of the crewmembers from the Baltic Ace is unclear although according to Coast Guard reports eleven people have been rescued from the Dutch Coastguard.

2012.12.05 - Baltic Ace Car Carrier Sinks After Collision with Containership in North Sea Figure 1

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Storm in the Black Sea Sunk MV Volgo Balt 199 & Beached MV BBC Adriatic

The St Kitts and Nevis flagged vessel MV Volgo Balt 199, transporting coal from Russia to Turkey, sent a distress signal near Sile yesterday at 07:30 GMT before contact was lost. The vessel had a crew of 11 Ukrainians and a Russian on board. Turkey authorities have sent immediately to the scene a helicopter and salvage boats. Vessels in the area were asked to assist in Search and Rescue. Furthermore, another freighter located in the greater area of Bosporus, the  Antigua and Barbuda-flagged MV BBC Adriatic with 14 crew on board, is being tossed about in heavy seas after suffering mechanical failure.

2012.12.05 - Storm in the Black Sea Sinks MV Volgo Balt 199 & Beached MV BBC Adriatic Figure 1

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Cargo Ship Sinks off Sri Lanka

On October 30, the Vietnamese vessel Saigon Queen, with a crew of 22 on board, sank off Sri Lanka. MV Saigon Queen was a 102 m cargo ship loaded with a cargo of timber destined for India. The accident took place under heavy weather and the Vietnam MRCC was not able to establish communication with the vessel under distress.

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Gas Tanker And Passenger Ferry Collision in Indonesia

I.M. Skaugen announced earlier today that a vessel operated by owned subsidiary Norgas Carriers Private Limited of Singapore was involved in an incident off the coast of Indonesia. An emergency response has been immediately activated after the Norgas Cathinka, was involved in a collision with a Ro-Ro passenger ferry near the port of Merak, Indonesia. According to officials eight people have died after the  ferry collided with a gas tanker and sank in the Sunda Strait, west of the main island of Java.

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MV Thermopylae Sierra Sinks in Sri Lanka

A Cyprus flagged vessel which remained in Sri Lankan waters since 2009 following a court order which prevented it from leaving, sank on Thursday raising concerns of environmental impact. MV Thermopylae Sierra sank at sea close to the shores of Panadura, just outside the capital, even as the court case over the vessel continued in Sri Lanka.

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