Storm in the Black Sea Sunk MV Volgo Balt 199 & Beached MV BBC Adriatic

The St Kitts and Nevis flagged vessel MV Volgo Balt 199, transporting coal from Russia to Turkey, sent a distress signal near Sile yesterday at 07:30 GMT before contact was lost. The vessel had a crew of 11 Ukrainians and a Russian on board. Turkey authorities have sent immediately to the scene a helicopter and salvage boats. Vessels in the area were asked to assist in Search and Rescue. Furthermore, another freighter located in the greater area of Bosporus, the  Antigua and Barbuda-flagged MV BBC Adriatic with 14 crew on board, is being tossed about in heavy seas after suffering mechanical failure.

2012.12.05 - Storm in the Black Sea Sinks MV Volgo Balt 199 & Beached MV BBC Adriatic Figure 1

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