Derailment of On Board Hatch-Lid Gantry Crane – Investigation Report

On 22 July 2011, the hatch-lid gantry crane on board the dry cargo vessel Blue Note derailed while it was carrying a single hatch-lid to its stowed position in preparation for discharging cargo. The derailment caused the chief officer, who had been riding on one of the crane’s wheel units, to be thrown overboard; an able seaman, who had been riding on another wheel unit, to be left hanging by his hands over the 8.4m deep hold; and the second officer, who was operating the crane, to fall to the deck of the control platform. All three crewmen were lucky to escape with only minor injuries.

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Crewman Death After Falling Overboard – Investigation Report

On 13 December 2010, an able seaman (AB) fell into the River Clyde from the St Vincent and the Grenadines registered cargo vessel Joanna, while the vessel was alongside in Glasgow, Scotland. He was recovered from the water about 25 minutes later, but could not be resuscitated. The investigation identified that the AB almost certainly fell while climbing up to the port side platform of the straddle lift used to move the vessel’s cargo hatch covers.

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Cargo Ship Sinks off Sri Lanka

On October 30, the Vietnamese vessel Saigon Queen, with a crew of 22 on board, sank off Sri Lanka. MV Saigon Queen was a 102 m cargo ship loaded with a cargo of timber destined for India. The accident took place under heavy weather and the Vietnam MRCC was not able to establish communication with the vessel under distress.

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Crew Saved After Cargo Vessel Caught Fire Off Osaka Japan

Chinese crew members have been rescued by Japan’s coastguard when their Panama-registered cargo vessel Hao Han caught fire in a Japanese bay last Friday. Thick smoke poured out of Hao-Han and the ship as shown in photos developed noticable list. The incident took place off Osaka, in Western Japan.

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Fatal Injury During Cargo Operations Due to Crewman Fall – Investigation Report

At 1438 (UTC+1) on 27 October 2011, an able seaman (AB) on board the UK registered cargo vessel Scot Pioneer fell into a void space at the forward end of the ship’s cargo hold. The vessel was loading cargo at Belview Port. Although paramedics treated the AB at the scene, he died from his injuries a short while later.