Blowout and Subsequent Fire On Offshore Platform – Investigation Report

This incident took place almost a decade ago and refers to a rig blowout and the subsequent fire that broke on the platform. Initially the Rig was conducting directional drilling operations. After a stand being pulled the well began flowing at an increasing rate. The annular diverter element was closed and the well was put into the diverter system. The alarm was sounded to evacuate the Rig and Platform. After a while the end of the port diverter pipe blew off and an uncontrolled flow of gas, water, sand, and hydrocarbons caught fire. The fire from the uncontrolled flow out of the diverter was spread on the Rig floor.

2013.12.23 - Blowout and Subsequent Fire On Offshore Platform - Investigation Report Figure 1

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Explosion and Consequent Fire onboard Chemical Tanker – Investigation Report

This investigation report refers to an explosion and a consequent fire in the forecastle of the 2159gt Isle of Man registered tanker Border Heather on 31 October 2004. As a result significant damage was caused to the vessel’s structure and systems but fortunately no-one was injured and there was no pollution.

2013.11.25 - Explosion and Consequent Fire onboard Chemical Tanker - Investigation Report Figure 1

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MSC Flaminia Fire Timeline

A few days ago a Filipino seafarer who was onboard the well known MSC Flaminia fire accident died in hospital in Portugal from severe burns that he suffered in a fire. MSC Flaminia is a German container ship that caught fire on 14 July 2012 forcing the crew to abandon ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The ship remained at sea after the fire for over a month and among others at a specific time EU countries were refusing to offer shelter to the vessel most probably due to hazardous materials stored within its containers. Taking the opportunity a full timeline of the MSC Flaminia fire has been compiled mainly from information from the Maritime Bulletin.

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Crew Saved After Cargo Vessel Caught Fire Off Osaka Japan

Chinese crew members have been rescued by Japan’s coastguard when their Panama-registered cargo vessel Hao Han caught fire in a Japanese bay last Friday. Thick smoke poured out of Hao-Han and the ship as shown in photos developed noticable list. The incident took place off Osaka, in Western Japan.

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Fire Breaks Out on MV Amsterdam Bridge off Mumbai Coast

A major ship fire erupted on the MV Amsterdam Bridge over the weekend off the coast of Mumbai. The blaze has fortunately been contained and cooling operations are ongoing aboard the Colombo-bound merchant vessel. The entire 20-man crew is safe. Indian Coast Guard officials confirm that the flames are contained, but not yet fully extinguished. Thick smoke continues to rise from the vessel and fire-fighting is underway.

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MSC Flaminia Fire Video

MSC Flaminia Fire

At 10:07 July 14 2012 boxship MSC Flaminia reported that the crew on board had abandoned the vessel, after an explosion and the fire that broke out in one of the cargo holds. Merchant vessels in the area convened to the vessel’s position to provide assistance to MSC Flaminia. The incident took place about 1,000 miles from land mid way between the UK and Canada.

MSC Flaminia on fire (photo taken by the crew of VLCC DS Crown)

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