Crew Saved After Cargo Vessel Caught Fire Off Osaka Japan

Chinese crew members have been rescued by Japan’s coastguard when their Panama-registered cargo vessel Hao Han caught fire in a Japanese bay last Friday. Thick smoke poured out of Hao-Han and the ship as shown in photos developed noticable list. The incident took place off Osaka, in Western Japan.

After the crew failed to extinguish fire by own means, the master requested assistance. A Japan’s coastguard stated that there were no injuries among the crew and that information regarding the incident  were first reported on last Thursday night. The cargo vessel was loaded with 1,000 tonnes of scrap metal and left Kagoshima in southern Japan last Friday having docked at two other Japanese ports prior sailing for China

The accident took place in an area were a territorial dispute between Japan and China exists over the ownership of an island chain

Source: Japan Times

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