General Cargo Ship Grounded While Avoiding Ice – Investigation Report

This investigation report is referring to the grounding of a general cargo ship which was caused while trying to evade blocks of ice on the sea. On the morning of 16 August 2012, the container ship VEGA SAGITTARIUS departed from the port of Nuuk, Greenland, heading for Aasiaat in the north-western part of Greenland. Approximately one hour after departure, the watch keeping officer changed course in order to avoid drifting ice ahead and shortly after, the ship ran aground on a submerged rock by the entrance to Godthåbsfjorden.

201.04.14 - General Cargo Ship Grounded While Avoiding Ice - Investigation Report Figure 1

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The Arctic

Fatal Fall Overboard on Ice Covered Water – Investigation Report

On 12 Feb 2009 at 18:30 OOCL Nevskiy berthed at Mussalo Harbour, Port of Kotka. The unloading of its containers began right away. After the incoming containers destined for Kotka
were unloaded, the loading of outgoing containers began at 21:30. The ship’s deck department secured the loaded containers with lashing wires. A seaman working under the  supervision of the boatswain was lashing a container on the port side of cargo hatch number 2 when he slipped and fell over the rail. The sea was covered with ice and he was almost instantly killed.

2013.01.28 - Fatal Fall Overboard on Ice Covered Water Figure 1

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