Tanker Crashes on Quay – Investigation Report

The following information is a summary of the report issued by the the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) and the Swedish Accident Investigation Board (SHK) regarding an accident in the product tanker Prospero on January 2006.

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‘No-blame’ Investigations

Last December a very interesting article has been posted in ATSB’s Blog In Focus by Martin Dolan, Chief Commissioner of ATSB addressing the fact that investigation reports aim in identifying what went wrong in an incident and not to play the role of a judge. According to Martin Dolan it is not a function of the ATSB to apportion blame or determine liability. At the same time, an investigation report must include factual material of sufficient weight to support the analysis and findings.

2013.05.29 - No Blame Investigations

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Cargo Vessel Grounded Minutes Before the Pilot Gets Onboard – Investigation Report

The Dutch-flagged MV Stadiongracht ran aground in the 10.0 metre-deep southern channel to Rauma at 00.15 on 29th December 2010. The grounding occurred in a position which is approximately 2.7 miles (5 kilometres) from the pilot boarding position in the direction to the port. While the pilot was under his way to board the vessel, he noticed the ship’s course and although he managed to contact the Master to change course, the accident was not avoided.

2012.12.24 - Cargo Vessel Grounded Minutes Before the Pilot Gets Onboard Figure 1

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MAIB Releases 2011 Annual Report

Earlier today MAIB released the Annual Report for 2011 containing information for accident investigations during that period. According to the report there was a wide variety of accidents to merchant vessels investigated during 2011. For the second year in succession there were no UK registered ship losses and the number of accidents, as a ratio of the size of the fleet, was the lowest recorded by MAIB. The number of fatalities on UK registered vessels >100gt has risen slightly compared with 2010, but is still low, and the number of injuries to crew is at its lowest ever level. A further 8 seafarers lost their lives on foreign registered vessels while operating in UK waters, including 6 from the Cook Islands registered bulk carrier Swanland, which sank in heavy weather off the north Wales coast in November.

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