Ballasting While Loading or Discharging From Barges

West of England P&I issued an alert regarding ballasting while loading or discharging from barges in response to a number of cases recently where dry bulk products stowed inside barges made fast to the ship have been damaged by ballast water. Incidents of this type may lead to significant cargo claims and are almost always avoidable.

On two occasions the vessels concerned were discharging into barges and ballasting simultaneously. During the ballasting operation the double bottom tanks were flooded and water overflowed on to the main deck. The water then rained away via the overboard scuppers and into the open holds of barges moored alongside.

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Somali Hostage Negotiator Found Guilty Of All Counts

Mohammad Saaili Shibin, 50, of Somalia, was convicted on April by a federal jury in Norfolk, for his involvement in the pirating of an American yacht, the S/V Quest, and taking hostage four U.S. citizens, who were ultimately killed before their release could be secured. He was also convicted for the pirating of the M/V Marida Marguerite. Shibin is scheduled to be sentenced on August 13, 2012.

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Beware of Monkey’s Fists

It is not unusual for a seafarer to fit monkey’s fists with pieces containing additional weight in order to ensure that the heaving line will travel greater distance when thrown.

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New Paris MoU Targeting Lists

The Paris MoU Committee approved the 2011 inspection results and adopted new performance lists for flag States and Recognized Organizations. These lists will take effect from 1 July 2012. The “White, Grey and Black (WGB) List” presents the full spectrum, from quality flags to flags with a poor performance that are considered high or very high risk. It is based on the total number of inspections and detentions over a 3-year rolling period for flags with at least 30 inspections in the period.

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USCG Rule on Ballast Water Discharges

On March 23, 2012, the USCG issued Rule regarding Standards for Living Organisms in Ships’ Ballast Water Discharged in U.S. Waters, amending the existing ballast water management (“BWM”) regulations and creating a standard for the allowable concentration of living organisms in ballast water discharged in U.S. waters consistent with the International Maritime Organization’s International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (“BWM Convention”).

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Man Convicted for Obstruction of Justice and False Statements for Certifying Ships

On May 24 a federal jury in Miami convicted a Miami-based ship surveyor for lying to the Coast Guard and for falsely certifying the safety of ships at sea, announced Ignacia S. Moreno, Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division at the Department of Justice; Wifredo A. Ferrer, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida; Rear Admiral William D. Baumgartner, Commander, 7th Coast Guard District; and Jonathan Sall, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service.

The ship surveyor, was convicted by a federal jury in Miami of three counts of making false statements to the U.S. Coast Guard and one count of obstruction of an agency proceeding. The defendant faces a maximum statutory penalty of five years in prison on each count.

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Port of Singapore ‘Best Seaport in Asia’ and ‘Best Green Service Provider- Seaport’

The Port of Singapore emerges top in two categories at 26th Asian Freight and Supply Chain Awards (AFSCA) and more specifically it has been awarded as the ‘Best Seaport in Asia’ and the ‘Best Green Service Provider- Seaport’.

Port of Singapore

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Monthly Piracy Report May 2012

All information presented below are retrieved from ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) and are being updated on a monthly basis. For up to date live and accurate information please refer to ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) website.

  • Total Attacks Worldwide: 145
  • Total Hijackings Worldwide: 17
  • Total Incidents in Somalia: 59
  • Total Hijackings in Somalia: 12
  • Total Hostages in Somalia: 188
  • Vessels held by Somali Pirates: 13
  • Hostages held by Somali Pirates: 200

PSC Concentrated Inspection Campaigns 2012

Each year the major PSC regions carry out a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on an agreed topic. When boarding a ship, the PSC Officer will check certain on-board equipment or documentation besides carrying out the general routine PSC inspection.

Each CIC lasts for three months in all the region’s countries commencing from 1 September 2012 and ending on 30 November 2012.

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Tsunami-Response Guidelines for Ships

NYK has drawn upon the lessons learned from the tremendous tsunami damage sustained by vessels after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March of last year to create tsunami-response guidelines for ships in port. The guidelines, the first to be developed for Japan, were presented on May 23 at a meeting hosted by the Japan Institute of Navigation.

M.V. Asia Symphony lies on a pier after being hit by tsunami at the port in Kamaishi city

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