Panama Canal Change in Toll System

Last month we posted about the plans of the Panama Canal to increase toll chargers and the complaints expressed by the International Chamber of Shipping . Now the Panama Canal Authority’s Board of Directors, after carefully evaluating the observations and suggestions provided by interested parties, has considered it appropriate to adjust the original proposal to modify the tolls system of the Panama Canal.

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Cargo Hold Fire on Board BBC Baltic

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau released today the completed investigation report regarding a fire within the cargo hold of a general cargo ship.

At about 16:05 on 26 January 2012, a fire broke out in the number one cargo hold of the general cargo ship BBC Baltic while it was discharging cargo in Port Hedland. At the time, workers from Cervan Marine, a local engineering company, were gas cutting in the cargo hold using an oxy-acetylene torch. The ship’s crew assisted by the local emergency services fought the fire and, by 16:25, had extinguished it. There were no injuries as a result of the incident and damage to the ship and its cargo was not serious.

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Interim Guidance on the Non-Availability of Compliant Fuel Oil for the North American ECA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released interim guidance for ship owners and operators clarifying how the U.S. government will implement fuel availability provisions when ships are unable to obtain fuel that meets standards protecting against sulfur pollution along the coast. Sulfur pollution has been linked to respiratory illnesses, particularly in at-risk populations including children, the elderly, and asthmatics. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has officially designated waters off of the coast of North America, known as the North American Emission Control Area (North American ECA), as areas where stringent international pollution standards apply for ships, including fuel sulfur limits. The guidance provides background information on the North American ECA fuel sulfur standards, explains how owners and operators of vessels can establish compliance with these requirements, and describes how an owner or operator of a vessel who cannot obtain compliant fuel oil can make a fuel oil non-availability claim.

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Ship Launches

Monthly PSC Report For May 2012

The following information have been gathered mainly from PSC MoUs sites and may serve only as reference for the inspections being carried out each month by each MoU. The consistency of the information may differ between MoU since there are slight differences on the way each organization presents the inspection info. For more information on the inspections carried out please refer to each organization’s site.

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Tanker Re-Floating

Day of the Seafarer 2012

25 June 2012 marks the second international Day of the Seafarer. On that day, IMO is asking people around the world to use social networks to highlight just how important seafarers are to everyone on the planet, as they transport all over the world those vital items, commodities and components which are so vital to all our daily lives.

So, on 25 June 2012, the Day of the seafarer, we ask you to tell the world, through your social media connections, about an object in your daily life that you can’t live without, and which came by sea. Take a photo, write a description, record a song, make a film, whatever you prefer: and then just post it on the social platform of your choice and add the campaign slogan: “thank you seafarers”.

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STCW Hours of Rest: Have you Done the Math Lesson?

As you are well aware of IMO has amended the “fitness for duty – hours of rest” requirements to provide watchkeeping officers aboard ships with sufficient rest periods at the Diplomatic Conference to adopt amendments to the STCW Convention, (successfully completed in Manila on 25 June 2010).

Under the Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention, in full implementations since 1.1.2012 all persons who are assigned duty as officer in charge of a watch or as a rating forming part of a watch and those whose duties involve designated safety, prevention of pollution and security duties (including Masters and catering staff NOT affected by previous regulation referring ONLY to those with watch duties) shall be provided with a rest period of not less than:

1.a minimum of 10 hours of rest in any 24-hour period; and

2.77 hours in any 7-day period.

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Hyundai Starts Exporting Environmental Friendly Engine

Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries today announced that it has begun exporting its Hyundai HiMSEN H35/40GV gas engine.

The new gas engine runs on liquefied natural gas rather than heavy crude oil and has a maximum power output of 13,000 bhp. The HiMSEN H35/40GV may be used to produce power for onshore power plants, commercial ships or offshore facilities.

Test Run of HiMSEN H35/40GV gas engine

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Care of Wires & Ropes

Loss prevention bulletin has been released by UK P&I regarding care of wires & ropes on-board ships. The bulletin draws attention on the general condition of a wire which should be monitored whenever it is in use and specific inspections should concentrate on signs of deterioration and damage.

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