Hyundai Starts Exporting Environmental Friendly Engine

Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries today announced that it has begun exporting its Hyundai HiMSEN H35/40GV gas engine.

The new gas engine runs on liquefied natural gas rather than heavy crude oil and has a maximum power output of 13,000 bhp. The HiMSEN H35/40GV may be used to produce power for onshore power plants, commercial ships or offshore facilities.

Test Run of HiMSEN H35/40GV gas engine

The new engine produces lower emissions and more specifically 20% lower carbon dioxide than diesel engines. It has also reduced NOx emissions ( 97%) reaching world’s lowest level of 50 ppm, and at the same time the engine performance is improved by 47%.

 COO of Hyundai Heavy’s Engine & Machinery Division Kim Jeong-hwan stated that ‘Due to high oil prices and strengthening regulations on emissions, the demand for gas engines is increasing,’. ‘We expect these high-output gas engines to help Hyundai Heavy expand our product lines, diversify target markets, and boost sales.’

Hyundai  plans to be in the Top three for gas engines with a 15% market share by 2013.

Source: HHI

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