Corrosion / Pitting on Ship’s Side

This incident information refer to to heavy corrosion/pitting and subsequent cracking that was discovered in the side shell plating and frames of an old bulk carrier at sea, in ballast condition. The damage was found in way of the pipes connecting the hopper tanks and the top side tanks in cargo hold no. 4.

2013.12.06 - Corrosion-Pitting on Ship’s Side Figure 1

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Incident Information on Steel Coils Causing Damage to Tank Top

A Bulk Carrier was contracted to carry an occasional cargo of steel coils between two ports. When the vessel some time later discharged the cargo, it was noted that tank top plate had been indented. Internal inspection in the double bottom, below the cargo holds, revealed that longitudinals and floors had also been damaged.

2013.09.27 - Incident Information on Steel Coils Causing Damage to Tank Top Figure 1

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Accident While Washing Down Cargo Holds – Investigation Report

This incident refers to an accident where during an operation of washing down a cargo hold from inside the hold, two crew members were injured when they were thrown from the top platform of the scaffolding rigged on the inner bottom in the cargo hold. One of the crew members was slightly injured and the other lost consciousness for a relatively long period. The protracted loss of consciousness was subsequently attributed to brain injury.

2013.06.14 - Incident Information on Accident While Washing Down Cargo Holds

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Corrosive Cargo in Holds

Upon survey of all cargo holds after a transport of sulphur cargo, serious corrosion was found. On the inclined plates of the hopper tanks and the lower stool of the transverse bulkhead, extensive damage in shape of groove corrosion was found with depth up to 9mm in places. This incident information refers to a 17,427 GRT Bulk Carrier in 1997.

2013.05.10 - Corrosive Cargo in Holds Figure 1

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Damage to Ballast Hold During Deballasting

During deballasting of a cargo hold (ballast hold) by gravity, the hatch cover, coamings, and the deck in way of and between hatches suffered major structural damage. The hatch covers were found set down about 100 mm, measured at the transverse joints of the forward and aft panels.

2013.01.22 - Damage to Ballast Hold During Deballasting Figure 1

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Cargo Hold Fire on Board BBC Baltic

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau released today the completed investigation report regarding a fire within the cargo hold of a general cargo ship.

At about 16:05 on 26 January 2012, a fire broke out in the number one cargo hold of the general cargo ship BBC Baltic while it was discharging cargo in Port Hedland. At the time, workers from Cervan Marine, a local engineering company, were gas cutting in the cargo hold using an oxy-acetylene torch. The ship’s crew assisted by the local emergency services fought the fire and, by 16:25, had extinguished it. There were no injuries as a result of the incident and damage to the ship and its cargo was not serious.

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