Cracks in Main Deck in Way of Hatch Corners

During survey several fatigue cracks were found in way of the elliptic curved corner of the opening in way of cargo hatch ways on the main deck. A shedder plate had been welded to the main deck in way of the hatch opening corner. This is believed to be the most probable cause of the crack in the deck plate.

2013.10.11 - Cracks in Main Deck in Way of Hatch Corners Figure 1

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Paris MoU Detention Report for Bulk Carrier MV Sea Bridge

The ship was banned in Italy in 2002. The banning was lifted in December 2007 and the vessel was on a voyage to Port of Szczecin in Poland. After lifting the ship from banning, she was due for a Mandatory Expanded Inspection (MEI). The Mandatory Expanded PSC PMoU Inspection was carried out on 19 December 2007 on partly discharged ship in Szczecin – Poland by two of our PSC Officers. After the inspection the ship was detained having among other 27 deficiencies identified.

2013.09.19 - Paris MoU Detention Report for Bulk Carrier MV Sea Bridge Figure 1

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Damage to Ballast Hold During Deballasting

During deballasting of a cargo hold (ballast hold) by gravity, the hatch cover, coamings, and the deck in way of and between hatches suffered major structural damage. The hatch covers were found set down about 100 mm, measured at the transverse joints of the forward and aft panels.

2013.01.22 - Damage to Ballast Hold During Deballasting Figure 1

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