Incident Information on Engine Room Flooding

This incident information refer to an engine room flooding which occurred on board a ship during preparation for cleaning of a sea water inlet filter. Cleats on the filter were released and immediately seawater flooded through the filter.

2013.07.19 - Incident Information on Engine Room Flooding Figure 1

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Near Loss of Emergency Power

The vessel went aground and damaged the hull, which resulted in water ingress. Partial flooding of the engine room caused shut down of the main generators and as a consequence the emergency generator started automatically. After about 45 minutes it was noted that the emergency generator engine was overheating, leading to a risk of emergency power supply failure.

2013.03.08 - Near Loss of Emergency Power Figure 1

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Flooding of Engine Room During Ballast Operation

During a ballast operation at night, while at a shipyard in order to trim the vessel for drydocking, it was discovered that the engine room was flooded. Damage to submerged electrical equipment occurred  Furthermore, the engine room had to be cleaned after the flooding. The ballasting could, however, have caused serious consequences for the safety of the vessel and sinking if not discovered in time.

2013.01.18 - Flooding of Engine Room During Ballast Operation Figure 1

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