Bulk Carrier Runs Aground and Breaks in Half – Investigation Report

At about 0510 (UTC) on 16 March 2011, Oliva, a Maltese registered bulk carrier ran aground on the north-west coast of Nightingale Island in the Tristan Da Cunha Group. Oliva was on a loaded passage from Santos, Brazil to China. The vessel sustained severe bottom damage to almost all of her water ballast tanks that resulted in the vessel developing a 12º list to port.

2013.03.18 -Bulk Carrier Runs Aground and Breaks in Half Figure 1

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Bulk Carrier and Tanker Fatal Collision – Investigation Report

On the 18th August 2009 at 20:52LMT the Isle of Man registered bulk carrier “Ostende Max” and the Liberian registered oil tanker “Formosaproduct Brick” collided. The collision occurred in the Precautionary Area adjoining the Traffic Separation Schemes in the Malacca Straits to the south west of Port Dickson, Malaysia within Malaysian territorial waters. This case was extremely unfortunate involving a tragic loss of life. Nine crew members were killed with other crew members injured on the Formosaproduct Brick. Three crew members were injured on board the Ostende Max. Both vessels incurred significant fire and structural damage as a result of the collision.

2013.03.11 - Bulk Carrier and Tanker Fatal Collision  Figure 1

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Bulk Carrier and Cargo Ship Collide in the Straits of Singapore

A Vietnamese-registered cargo vessel damaged one of its hatches after it collided with another vessel in the waters off Singapore on Saturday. The Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) of Singapore said the collision occurred about 3.4 kilometres south of Sisters Islands.

2013.03.05 - Bulk Carrier & Cargo Ship Collide in the Straits of Singapore

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RoRo Cargo Ship Collision with Moored Bulk Carrier – Investigation Report

On 27 February 2010 the Finnish flagged vessel Global Carrier was on a routine voyage from Turku, Finland bound for Oxelösund, Sweden with a cargo of semitrailers and trucks. There was dense fog in the archipelago but pilot assistance was not considered because the Master was licensed to carry out piloting. The Master had previous experience of this fairway in similar visibility conditions. During a Global Carrier’s maneuver the vessel collided with the moored MV Ecostar G.O.

2013.01.07 - RoRo Cargo Ship Collision with Moored Bulk Carrier Figure 1

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Making of a Bulk Carrier in Cochin ShipYard

Bulk Carrier Explosion Detaches Poop Deck – Investigation Report

MAIB released this month its Safety Digest for the second semester of 2012. Among others one case refer to an incident where an explosion caused the poop deck to completely detach from the vessel and land on the compartment funnel deck.

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Bulk Carrier Spearing Berthed Tuna Boat

Crew Refuses To Sail Claiming Mistreatment

An 80,000 ton Panamanian flagged ship owned in Korea and has carried fly ash into the port. National ITF coordinator Dean Summers said that that the 14 strong Philipino crew had suffered significantly under the 4 Korean officers over a number of months however the situation had deteriorated quickly after the attempted suicide of one of the men on route to Newcastle.

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Bulk Carrier Explosion Causes Serious Burns to Seafarer

An explosion in one of the cargo holds of  MV Sea Moon at 3:05pm on Friday caused serious injuries to one of her crew. The  MV Sea Moon is a 57,012 DWT Bulk Carrier flagged by Marshall Islands. The explosion took place 140 miles southwest of Bermuda. The ship’s cargo was coal and its destination Karachi, Pakistan.

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Inadequate Bridge Resource Management Leads to Collision – Investigation Report

At about 1450 on 8 October 2010, the partially loaded Liberian registered bulk carrier Grand Rodosi collided with the Australian fishing vessel Apollo S in Port Lincoln, South Australia. As a result of the collision, Apollo S, which was unmanned, was crushed against the wharf and sank shortly afterwards. Grand Rodosi sustained several relatively small holes in its bow shell plating.

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