Rena Oil Spill From the Air

Making of a Bulk Carrier in Cochin ShipYard

Attempting to Safely Anchor in Heavy Weather

Illegal Dumping of Oil From Ships

Oil in Our Waters is a 22-minute documentary about the illegal dumping of oil from ships. This film explores the extent of the problem, the impact of oil on the marine environment, the creation of MARPOL, the rewards for whistleblowers, and the penalties faced by polluters caught in the United States.

PART 1/3

PART 2/3

PART 3/3

Source: Marine Defenders

Shell Arctic Oil Spill Response Fleet

Shipbreakers in Pakistan

Pakistani men use little more than their bare hands to dismantle an abandoned oil tanker for scrap metal.

Anti-Piracy Exercises Onboard MV SWAN

Maritime Waste Oil

Life on board an LNG tanker

Safety Onboard Ships