Maritime Waste Oil

Arctic Environmental Report on Shipping Exploitation

Last week Transport & Environment NGO released a report highlighting environmental threats from increased shipping activities in the Arctic. As the decline of Arctic sea-ice continues, the prospect of an ice-free Arctic ocean in the near future draws closer. Arctic melting is seen by industry and some governments as an opportunity to develop human and exploitative activities in the region (oil and gas production, mining, shipping, tourism). But while Arctic melting is surely an effect of climate change, it is imperative that it does not become another cause of climate change. This vicious circle threating the Arctic and the global ecosystems needs to be broken.

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NAMEPA Marine Environment Protection Awards

Clay Maitland, Founding Chairman of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), announced the recipients of NAMEPA’s 2012 Marine Environment Protection Awards.

  • Maersk is the winner of the Corporate Award
  • NOAA for the Government Agency category
  • SUNY Maritime College for Education
  • American Salvage Association (ASA) the non-profit/NGO category

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