Turkish Cargo Ship Sinks Near Port of Ravenna, Italy

On 28/12/2014 at 0800 GMT, a Turkish ship (Gokbel), having 11 seafarers as crew, collided with a Belize flag vessel and sank. The collision occurred due to poor visibility just a mile from the Italian Adriatic port of Ravenna.

2014.12.29 - Turkish Cargo Ship Sinks Near Port of Ravenna, Italy

The collision took place around 8:30 sinking the 2,126 GRT general cargo ship “Gokbel” in just a few minutes ‘Gokbel’. The 3,828 GRT Belize flagged ”Lady Aziza” had 9 Syrian crew members.

According to Italian authorities there are two people dead and four missing (from the crew of “Gokbel”) and five people were rescued. There were no casualties or people missing from the “Lady Aziza”.

Rescue operations were hampered by the weather conditions prevailing at the area of the accident.

Sources: Marine Insight, Seanews Turkey

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