Artic Vessel Activity Projection Study

The Committee on the Marine Transportation System (CMTS) is a U.S. cabinet-level interagency committee tasked to coordinate U.S. marine transportation policy.

2014.12.02 - Artic Vessel Activity Projection Study

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S&P, Newbuilding & Demolition Update – Dry Bulk Market Focus

It’s hard to believe that the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) started the year above the 2,200 mark given that now is standing at below 1,100, and having spent most of the late spring and summer below 1,000. A seasonal rally had religiously been prayed for and for a few recent weeks capesize rates improved to ‘high teen levels’ (approximately $18,000 pd on average spot market), but then again, the rally seems to have run out of steam a bit too early.  A worldwide bumper crop season of grains, primarily in North America, has been holding the hopes for boosting panamax rates especially in the Atlantic, but it seems railroad capacity has preferentially been tied up to shipments of shale oil, leaving inland seaways transport to cope with the movement of the cargo along the Mississippi River to New Orleans for exporting. China, as this was put into perspective in a recent New York Times op-ed article, has been focusing on clean air and has shut down domestic coal mines of poor calorific quality or high sulphur content, and likewise imposed higher standards of imported coal, which likely would stimulate increased imports and thus help drive higher dry bulk freight rates. There has been speculation that, over the long run, China will be shifting its power generation to natural gas, which is perceived as a negative development for coal miners worldwide, but good for the LNG trade fortunes.

2014.10.02 - S&P, Newbuilding & Demolition Update – Dry Bulk Market Focus

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Safety4Sea Forum 2014

The 5th Annual Safety4Sea Forum takes place today in the premises of the Eugenides Foundation in Athens. The Annual Safety4Sea is a project developed by SQE Marine with the aim of enhancing Safety Awareness and promote Best Practices related to Safety in the Shipping Industry. The SafetSea forum is a NON PROFIT / PRO BONO event. This year’s program includes subjects such as LNG ins shipping, Human Factors, Port State Control Inspections etc.


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Kinta S. A New Artificial Reef in Texas

Ocean Art for Atlantic Offshore

Hanjin Shipping Issues 9.2M Dollars Convertible Bonds

According to IHS Maritime, Hanjin Shipping, one of the biggest shipping companies at Sourh Korea, has announced today the issuance of convertible bonds in order to raise 9.2M dollars as working capital.

2014.09.26 - Hanjin Shipping Issues 9.2M Dollars Convertible Bonds

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Polar Code Comments Due 9/1/14 & USCG Workshop Update

On Thursday August 14, 2014 the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) held a Polar Code Workshop in Seattle, WA. The Polar Code is in the process of becoming a mandatory code for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)  through adoption by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) of international regulations for certified ships over 500 GT and vessels with more than 12 passengers operating in Arctic and Antarctic waters.

2014.09.04 - Polar Code Comments Due 9114 & USCG Workshop Update

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How Eniram Helped Validate the Impact of Becker Twisted Fin on a Containership

Real-time and historical data gathering provided by specific Eniram technologies has proven again that this kind of visibility on board one vessel or across entire fleets is crucial information ship owners and operators need to know in order to fully optimize fuel and propulsion efficiency.

2014.06.24 - How Eniram Helped Validate the Impact of Becker Twisted Fin on a Containership

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A Reflection on Posidonia 2014

In ancient Greek mythology, Posidon (also spelled as ‘Poseidon’ and known as Neptune in the Roman mythology) was a major god of the Olympian Pantheon protecting the waters and seas. Posidon, although not as temperamental as his more famous older brother Zeus, was known from time to stir the waters for fun or just to raise hell – so to speak; his weapon was the three-pronged trident which not only caused major storms in the sea but also could shake the earth and cause earthquakes.

2014.06.16 - A Reflection on Posidonia 2014

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What’s New in IMDG Code 37th Amendment?

IMDG Code 37th amendment will come in print by October 2014. Countries, shipper &, shipping lines can adopt IMDG Code 37th amendment in whole or in part on a voluntary basis as from 1 January 2015. From 1st January 2016 IMDG Code 37th amendment will become mandatory.

2014.06.15 - What’s New in IMDG Code 37th Amendment

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