Ocean Art for Atlantic Offshore

Sea Chest Corrosion With Box Cooler Arrangement

The information contained within this post are referring a technical problem encountered in a number of fishing and offshore support vessels, which have reported sea water leakage at the top of sea chests, located in the engine room. The sea chest holds a box cooler and the leakage has been experienced at the bolt flange between the box cooler and the sea chest. As a result a number of vessels have needed to be taken into dry dock for unscheduled repairs.

2013.11.01 - Sea Chest Corrosion With Box Cooler Arrangement Figure 1

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LNG Fuel Bunkering in Australia

The global sulphur cap of 0.5%, which the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will implement between 2020 and 2025 is expected to accelerate the adoption of LNG as fuel for shipping globally, provided that bunkering infrastructure is available. Corresponding developments for LNG bunkering and phasing-in of LNG fuelled ships have already started, although not in Australia.

2013.04.30 - LNG Fuel Bunkering in Australia Figure 1

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Servicing Oil Rigs in the North Sea