Filipino Seafarers to Get Double Wage When in HRA

Last month POEA issued a Governing Board Resolution regarding Filipino seafarers working on vessels transiting high-risk areas. According to mentioned resolution the computation of double wage and compensation benefits for seafarers traversing established high risk zones/areas covers overtime and leave pay.

The payment and the computation of double wage benefits was provided by POEA’s 2009 Memorandum Circular No.14. According to mentioned circular the entitlement to double wage, compensation and benefιts commences as soon as the vessel enters the declared high-risk zone. The compensation and benelits provided are  limited to the duration of the vessel’s transit through the high-risk zone. Regarding the computation of the daily rate of the basic pay, guaranteed or fixed overtime and leave pay, the monthly figures are divided by 30 days. The resulting amount (quotient) is the daily rate. This will then be multiplied by twο (2) to arrive at the doubled daily rate οΙ the compensation due the seafarer. In the case of seafarers whose overtime pay is based on an hourly rate, the computation of the daily rate shall be based on a regular working hours of eight (8) hours in every 24 hours,  midnight to midnight, Monday to Sunday, in accordance with Section 10B of the Standard Terms and Conditions Governing the Employment of Filipino Seafarers onboard ocean going vessels.

In addition to the aforementioned circular POEA’s 2011 Governing Board Resolution No.9 states that seafarers transiting High Risk Areas are entitle to compensation amounting to 100% of the basic wage and a doubled compensation payable in case of death and disability. This applies for each day of the vessel’s “stay” within HRA.

For further information please refer to the following documents:

  1. POEA 2012 Governing Board Resolution No.12 – Clarifying that the computation of double wage and compensation benefits for seafarers traversing established high risk zones/areas covers overtime and leave pay
  2. POEA 2011 Governing Board Resolution No.09 – Revision of the high risk area in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean
  3. POEA 2009 Memorandum Circular No.14 – Computation and payment of the double wage and benefits due to seafarers on board vessels transiting the Gulf of Aden


  1. THANK YOU for the information…how about if the company or the agency will not follow the said Memorandum? what are the the things we must do so that the Memorandum will apply? tnx…

    • I’d like to follow this question. What can we do if the shipowner refuses to follow the memorandum?

  2. pogi po says:

    sa resolution 12..kasama ba sa double pay ang fixed ot,leavepay at allowances?

  3. tarsomito says:

    naka lista po b sa poea ang nigeria as high risk area?matagal n po kase kame dtong ngttrabaho sa nigerian waters walang double pay pero todo ang security level namen,.patulong nmn po

  4. We are transiting east coast of somalia, with a distance of 250 miles to the coast from sikka,india to mombassa kenya. Are we entitled of the benefits?

  5. Arnold Pantaleon says:

    MAKAKATANGAP BA Kami ditto sa Africa ng high risk area Benin cotouno,tema Ghana,ang port namin.we stay 1day in tema Ghana.

  6. dati ngwork ako sa barko na hindi nla kmi binayaran ng double pay nasa libya kmi may putukan pa sa labas…so what can be the punishment to the company that never follows…

  7. we received information that double wage on HRA is no longer in effects for filipino seafarers. Is this true?

  8. Sir, i just want to ask if Lome, Togo West Africa is also included in HRA? Thank you.

  9. In Officers, Some POEA contract indicates Allowances rather than OT because officers do not have OT’s. Is it qualified as double pay also and to be included and alloted for double payment? Any way it is govern on the signed Contract.

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