NATO Dhow Project

It is known in the Maritime Security industry that Somali pirates use hijacked merchant ships, fishing vessels and dhows as ‘Motherships’ in order to operate at extreme range from Somalia, carrying attack craft (skiffs) and weapons. NATO has received reports of Somali pirates using common local ships in piracy attacks. They will board the ship and hold the original crew hostage. A local ship enables the pirates to blend in among the boating traffic and present itself as a fishing or trading vessel.

2012.12.06 - NATO Dhow Project Figure 1

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Filipino Seafarers to Get Double Wage When in HRA

Last month POEA issued a Governing Board Resolution regarding Filipino seafarers working on vessels transiting high-risk areas. According to mentioned resolution the computation of double wage and compensation benefits for seafarers traversing established high risk zones/areas covers overtime and leave pay.

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