Climate Change: Ensuring Trade at Lower Carbon Intensity

Maersk recently launched a new sustainability strategy with the aim of accelerating the company’s positive impacts. The purpose is to address significant sustainability challenges in society which at the same time constitute bottlenecks to Maersk’s growth strategy.

2014.03.19 - Climate Change Ensuring Trade at Lower Carbon Intensity

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Building Maerk’s Triple-E Containership

Maersk Drilling High Efficiency Jack-up Rig

Maersk Ships Get New Bulbous Bow

Ten Maersk ships are getting a new bulbous bow in order to make them more fuel efficient. The change is intended to improve the performance of the vessels significantly, with fuel costs reduced by approximately 8% in the current slow-steaming environment. The vessels were too expensive to use, since they were designed for high speed. If they were retrofitted, however, Seago Line were interested in taking five vessels.

2013.03.12 - Maersk Ships Get New Bulbous Bow

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Maersk Triple-E Total Vessel Recycling

For more info visit Maersk’s relevant site for triple-E

NAMEPA Marine Environment Protection Awards

Clay Maitland, Founding Chairman of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), announced the recipients of NAMEPA’s 2012 Marine Environment Protection Awards.

  • Maersk is the winner of the Corporate Award
  • NOAA for the Government Agency category
  • SUNY Maritime College for Education
  • American Salvage Association (ASA) the non-profit/NGO category

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Seafarer Claim in Court Regarding Fatigue

A recent court ruling in Florida Miami where the maritime law firm Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A. representing Chief Mate William Skye against Maersk for excessive dangerous working conditions, sets a legal precedent, leaving shipowners to face legal actions from seafarers who believe that working conditions onboard have affected their overall health.

Screenshot from Cardiff University Seafarers’ fatigue film trailer

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