Offshore Platform Blowout – Investigation Report

This incident refers to a a brief loss of well control that occurred onboard an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago. The operator was attempting to pull the tubing free of the seal assembly in a Baker SC-2 packer set at 10,830 feet to repair the Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve (SCSSV) set at 350 feet (RKB) or 232 feet below mud line. In the attempt to retrieve the hanger, the 2 7/8-inch, P-105 tubing parted at approximately 4300 feet while working the pipe up and down. The 2 7/8-inch tubing began getting pushed out of the hole by well pressure and fluid in the annulus began flowing.

2013.12.30 - Offshore Platform Blowout - Investigation Report Figure 1

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Alexander L. Kielland Platform Capsize Accident – Investigation Report

The semi-submersible “flotel” (floating hotel) Alexander L. Kielland capsized on 27 March 1980 while bridge connected to the steel jacket Ekofisk Edda platform. The flotel lost one of its five legs in severe gale force winds, but not an extreme storm. The accident started with one of the bracings failing due to fatigue, thereby causing a succession of failures of all bracings attached to this leg. It was discovered during the investigation that the weld of an instrument connection on the bracing had contained cracks, which had probably been in existence since the rig was built. The cracks had developed over time, and the remaining steel was less than 50%.

2013.04.29 - Alexander L. Kielland Capsize Accident in North Sea Figure 1

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