Incident Information on Grooving Corrosion on Ship’s Side

During a loaded voyage of a bulk carrier it was discovered that water had entered into the double bottom tank No.4, amidships. After inspection it was found that the water was coming through the ship’s side via the access trunk from the top wing tank and then to the double bottom ballast tank. The ingress water was estimated to be approximately 300 cubic meters per hour. Fortunately, the leak was limited to the double bottom ballast tank and the ballast pumps were able to keep the tank empty until the crack could be dealt with.

2013.11.29 - Incident Information on Grooving Corrosion on Ship's Side Figure 1

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Corrosion in Double Bottom in Engine Room

Water ingress to the engine room of a bulk carrier was discovered during a voyage. The leakage was found to come through the short sounding pipe of the bilge water holding tank in the double bottom. After the visual inspection of the tank, the sea water ingress was found to come through an approximately 45 mm diameter area of serious pitting/hole in bottom plate (see figure below).

2013.11.22 - Corrosion in Double Bottom in Engine Room Figure 1

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Cargo Ship Run Aground on its Maiden Voyage

A cargo ship has run aground on its maiden voyage from Southampton to the Channel Islands. The Huelin Dispatch was loaded with containers from Southampton to the Channel Islands.  The vessel hit a rock off the coast of Alderney on last Friday. The vessel issued a distress call after running aground on an isolated rock one and a half miles south-west of Alderney.  All crew and cargo are safe.

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