Corrosion in Double Bottom in Engine Room

Water ingress to the engine room of a bulk carrier was discovered during a voyage. The leakage was found to come through the short sounding pipe of the bilge water holding tank in the double bottom. After the visual inspection of the tank, the sea water ingress was found to come through an approximately 45 mm diameter area of serious pitting/hole in bottom plate (see figure below).

2013.11.22 - Corrosion in Double Bottom in Engine Room Figure 1

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Loss of Well Control Due to Leak from Seal Ring – Investigation Report

At approximately 1740 hours on February 14, 2008, a seal ring on the bottom flange below the master valve began to leak and dry gas was released into the atmosphere. Since the SCSSV was not operable and the leak was below the master valve,  it was not possible to prevent the escape of natural gas. The South Pelto No. 10 platform was evacuated shortly after the loss of well control without injury. The Well was secured on February 17, 2008.

2013.03.25 - Loss of Well Control Due to Leak from Seal Ring Figure 1

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