Cargo Ship Run Aground on its Maiden Voyage

A cargo ship has run aground on its maiden voyage from Southampton to the Channel Islands. The Huelin Dispatch was loaded with containers from Southampton to the Channel Islands.  The vessel hit a rock off the coast of Alderney on last Friday. The vessel issued a distress call after running aground on an isolated rock one and a half miles south-west of Alderney.  All crew and cargo are safe.

The vessel contacted the RNLI lifeboat from Alderney (lifeboat Roy Barker One was on the scene within 15 minutes) which inspected the vessel spotting damage to the Huelin Dispatch’s stern.   The crew also reported that there was some water ingress, but was able controlled by temporary repairs.  No reports of injuries to the eight crew on board.   The vessel refloated on the rising tide and  proceeded to Falmouth to drydock.

Regarding the incident the Company has issued the following statement

Huelin Renouf Shipping Limited can confirm that the Huelin Dispatch was involved in an incident south west of Alderney, shortly after 19:15 yesterday 21 September, the details of which are still to be confirmed. However, we are able to share that all crew and cargo are safe and sound.

As a result we have initiated the most appropriate contingency plan to ensure that we continue to deliver to our customers.

There is a specific challenge with the Alderney cargo which we are managing, otherwise our service continues to run as normal.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved in managing this incident for their help and support.

Huelin-Renouf Shipping has been serving the Channel Islands since 1935 and is today a leading provider of shipping, transportation and distribution services to and from the Channel Islands and the UK. The head office of Huelin-Renouf is in Jersey, with offices and operational centres in Guernsey, Alderney and the UK.

Sources: BBC News, Shipwreck Log, Huelin Renouf Shipping

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